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Fantastic You know, more often then not, in odd time signatures, it happens that people will simply "cut off a 4/4 groove" and begin the next bar early. But, in this case, you guys have a groove that flows from measure to measure. GREAT SENSE OF COMPOSITION never hinders upon great feel either. You have it all. EXCELLENT performance, catchy hook, GREAT production, cool polyrhythmic manipulation (the likes of Dillinger), and a great sense of excitement as well. I would buy this. Reviewed by: ONaNarrowPlain from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania What is that crazy rhythm? This is either a rock song from some (slavic?) exotic country, or else an amazing synthesis of many rock styles to generate a truly world music ecstatic chamber of chops. There is a crazy 7/4 rhythm or something at the beginning that made me just want to stomp on the floor. God is that cool! Omigod just before the end I thought you were going to segue into Purple Haze, but instead a rabid voice commanded everyone to stop, and by God they did! I detected influences ranging from Blondie to Frank Zappa to Igor Stravinsky. Keep this coming it is a genuine education about how rock and roll will change the world. Reviewed by: jabez from Madison, New Jersey

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