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The STAHLSCHLAG Industrial - Power Noise - Project was founded in February 2006.

The members of the german project enjoy powerfull electronic music and that's the intention why they create own songs in this genre. The style from STAHLSCHLAG is a mix of electro industrial with noise and schranz elements.

In May 2006 the project released their first Demo-EP called "Kraftwandler".

In 2007 it signed with the US-Label Telegrammetry/Hypervoxx and the label relaesed their first full time album "Acousticophobie" in April 2007.

Between 2006 and 2009 some songs took part on various compilations.

Their album "Anthropocene" was released in August 2009.

Nicole left STAHLSCHLAG in 2012 to do other more important things.

STAHLSCHLAG released a new album called "Average Aggressive" in 2013.

August 2013 - Average Aggressive
October 2012 - Attacke!
August 2009 - Anthropocene
April 2007 - Acousticophobie
May 2006 - Kraftwandler Demo EP

Songs on Compilations:
April 2009 - Remember The Noise on Extreme Störfrequenz 3
May 2008 - Akute Netzstörung on Extreme Sündenfall 7
February 2008 - Wunschkonzert on Extreme Störfrequenz 1
December 2007 - Akute Netzstörung on Weatherhead 3

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