Stanwood Charlie

Stanwood Charlie

Stanwood Charlie

Ska, Punk, Rock
From: Tama, IA, United States

Band Members

  • Jared Banes - Lead Vocals/bass
  • Eric Haughey - Drums/vocals
  • Robbie Kenkel - Trombone
  • Gordon Musel - Trumpet/vocals
  • Jason Wacha - Lead Guitar
  • Dirk Wiese - Rhythm Guitar/vocals
  • JR Tichy - Manager/booking

About Band

Stanwood Charlie all began six years ago with band members Jason Wacha (guitar), Gordon Musel (bass), and Eric Haughey (drums). After a little while of doing some covers, Jason and Eric met Jared Banes who also played guitar. After meeting him, they began jamming out in Jared's garage on Seymour Street (this place kicked ass). All summer these boys, Jason, Gordon, Eric, and Jared, of otherwise known as 3 Crackers and an Oreo, jammed out for anywhere from six to ten hours a day. The boys just poured their souls into their music and spent every last bit of their spare time in that garage. This is the summer that these boys really hung out a lot and became good friends and better musicians. 12 unfinished/not so good songs, a million Casey's Pizzas, and two million 2 liters of Mt. Dew later, Stanwood Charlie was on it's way. Jared always had an obsession with Catch 22 and he loved ska music. After showing it to Eric and Jason, they soon caught on to it also. Sure enough, Gordon (already familiar with ska) was moved from guitar to trumpet. After playing like this for a while, they all decided they would need a low-end brass instrument so they dragged Robbie Kenkel into Jared's basement to see what he had in him. After being greatly impressed with his creativeness and determination, they decided he'd be the right guy for the job. This is where things get weird. Eric got rid of his drumset and then got into some money troubles and was left with no drumset. Eric asked Dirk Wiese to use his drumset to practice with for the time being. They then realized Dirk had been playing guitar so they told him he could come jam with them since they were using his drumset. He added some cool additions to some of the songs and began helping create songs. That was when he first started playing guitar and he has now evolved into a wonderful guitar player and we would not trade him for the world. The name Stanwood Charlie? Where the hell did that come from? Let me tell you. We had gone through some pretty ridiculous band names such as Wang Chung, Small Town Losers, Pulse, Exploding Lawn Gnomes, and some other name that ended with "& and the Icecream Man". Stanwood Charlie was brought to Jared and Eric's attention one evening as they were traveling to a show with Ryan Kupka as Ryan told the boys they should call themselves Stanwood Charlie. The boys were dumbfounded and asked him why. He then told them that Skip Lowe and himself often passed through the town of Stanwood on their way to work and they would always stop at the gas station there to take a dookie. They began calling it "a Stanwood Charlie"... Well they thought about it and decided that if genres were colors, they would be brown. They are jazz, funk, ska, rock, HxC, metal, and many others, so if you mix them all together you get brown. So the name kind of fits... It doesn't mean they're $*it, just musically diverse.. def. Stanwood Charlie (stahn-wood, char-lee)(noun,adj.);see:Charlie, Stanwood

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