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Stefano Poggioli is an artist who represents the modern tendency of the home recording.

He creates music for hobby and passion, to complete his creative vocation of designer. The composition is born in the second half of the '90s based on the use of keyboards and sequencers. 1997 shows the making of a first “home made” CD as a collection of  tracks with new age atmospheres, soft and relaxing sounds.

 The continuous experimentation bring to the change in the year 2000 with the passage from the sequencer to the use of digital samplers and the “totally digital composition”. This new way of making music shows infuences from house, lounge and alternative electronics.

In 2006 Stefano Poggioli cures the soundtrack (with funk inspirations  from the '70s) for the web cartoon Voiper'70 (, developed by the web agency of which he is Co-founder and Art Director.

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