Stereo Junks!

Stereo Junks!

Stereo Junks!

Rock, Hard rock, Punk
From: Helsinki, Finland

Band Members

  • Anzi Destruction - Vocals
  • Deville - Guitar
  • Rip Radioactive - Drums
  • Spit - Bass

About Band

STEREO JUNKS! - The raw glam / punk / hard Rock N Roll band was founded in 2003. Louder and more reckless than ever, bands like The Stones, Who, Stooges, N.Y. Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, etc. are updated into this day. Stereo Junks! carries the torch of Rock N Roll tradition adding the new fresh sound and flavor into it with real passion and attitude. Singer and songwriter Anzi Destruction is the one behind SJ!'s impressive songs, this wildhearted frontman leads Stereo Junks! with his eyes tight on the road and is always looking for a something new to make best out of the band. His partners in crime are the power machine: Rip Radioactive/Drums, Spit/Bass And Deville/Guitar. When these lovely brothers shares their skills with you the good times are guaranteed for everyone!! SJ! is known from their smashing hard live energy which wont leave anyone cold. That has been shown for real many times in their native country Finland their noisy and confusing tour in India in 2003 and tours in England, Germany and France in 2006. Pure Rock N Roll when theres a sky full of bombs coming down on you! Stereo Junks! has made their self finished single "Shut Up N Sit Down" Live album "Livin Bomb" and October 2005 Stereos made an ep "Suicide Angels" mixed by producer Johnny Lee Michaels. Four killer tracks including video "China White".

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