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How can you enlight all feelings that overfill you, if you can't express it in words? How can you present your perception, not descending to banal phrases? How can you explain what you understand, bring what you feel by all your essence home to all the people in the world, make your hearts beating in time, let you breathe in the same breath?.. Music is not just a background, that creates your mood in certain situation... When something supernal falls down on you from perfect silence, preparing to blow up your mind and turn the world upside down, something, that brings you in trance, gives you an aspiration not to frivol, but live your life, to create, not to destroy created, to produce and leave after your existence something more than a handful of ash - isn't it an impersonation of eternal life?... Music is life, the best part of this world, music is the best part of me...

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