Steve Coffey & The Lokels

Steve Coffey & The Lokels

Steve Coffey & The Lokels

Alternative, Americana, Grunge
From: Calgary, AB, Canada

Band Members

  • Russ Baker - Bass; Electric; Vocals
  • Dave Bauer - Electric; Mando; Banjo; Vocals
  • Steve Coffey - Acoustic; Harmonica; Vocal
  • Lance Loree - Pedal Steel; Electric; Dobro; Vocals
  • Pat Phillips - Drums; Percussion; Vocals
  • Stu Mitchell - Drums; Vocals
  • Matt Herne - Banjo
  • Steve Relf - Acoustic; Vocals

About Band

Alberta band Steve Coffey & The Lokels Have been writing, performing and recording their unique brand of hard driving western Canadian roots music since 2001, putting a mark of identity on all that is prairie...and then some.

Red Deer Advocate
"With word awareness reminiscent of Fred Eaglesmit...
"With word awareness reminiscent of Fred Eaglesmith, Central Alberta native Steve Coffey drops his third disc with the Lokels, and fans of literate singer-songwriters should take note. Same Boy is a keeper, and should make those who appreciate Tom Russell, Dave Alvin and their ilk quite pleased.
Multidimensional, on My Hometown Coffey pulls togther foreboding prairie images of a community slowly choking. On Skates, he captures a warmer glow of freer times. Roads, leading to and from, are prominant on the disc, serving as a ready metaphor for situations both bleak and hopeful.
Lance Loree and Dave Bauer are co-stars of this disc, playing a dizzying array of stringed and fretted instruments. Coffey never takes the easy way and Same Boy is the creation of a lyricist, musician and artist come to fruition. The production is professional but grounded, with a handpicked band of Southern Albertans serving as the Lokels. The generous 66-minute album is packaged with a DVD that provides insight into the recording process while illustrating several of Coffey's loosely narrative songs."
Donald Teplyske- Red Deer Advocate 10/17/2006

Calgary Herald
"In a city notable for its proliferation of fine c...
"In a city notable for its proliferation of fine country-roots songwriters, Steve Coffey has emerged as one of the most seasoned. His latest CD, 32 Below Sessions, recorded with his band The Lokels, confirms that. From the working man's lament Corns, with Coffey's pained moan of a vocal fitting the lyrics like a miner's gloves, to the harp-dog country boy blues of Someday, the disc consistently finds its mark. Other highlights include Raising Grace, Cottonwood Road and the honky-tonkin' Fondly Remembered- every one rich with wood-smoked, prairie soul." Heath McCoy; The Calgary Herald; Oct 14 2004

Penguin Eggs
"Slick production can be the death of a good album...
"Slick production can be the death of a good album. Sometimes all you really need is a bunch of finely tuned players who are kindred musical spirits to make a piece of good music. 32 Below Sessions rides the rusty edge of the blade between classic country and new world traditional. The boys in the band know both sides well.
Steve Coffey is in the Southern Alberta roots music catalogue right along side plaid wool jackets and Sorrel boots. His latest offering is as warm as a wood stove and welcoming as country bar on a Saturday evening. In fact if you could catch the band in a foothills tavern on a wintry night you would find these songs and their players at home in true form. Let the music play in the background as you visit friends or work on the car and you will be doing the art justice. It won't float by unnoticed. It will sink in, and before long you'll know these songs like you know Good Hearted Woman, Abilene, or Bobby Magee.
-Chris Martin; Penguin Eggs (winter issue, 2004/5)

Calgary Sun
"The rolling, slowly rocking roots songs that make...
"The rolling, slowly rocking roots songs that make up sessions are cut from the same dust-caked burlap sack as its predecessor (East of East Coulee) - sonically tactile tributes to the emotional and physical landscape of Alberta's countryside...Not surprisingly, the results on sessions are just as wonderful, just as colloquial, just as honest as that first time out" Mike Bell; The Calgary Sun; Oct 15 2004

Americana UK
"This record blows in from the Canadian prairies w...
"This record blows in from the Canadian prairies with dust on it's boots dragging in ballads, honky-tonk, hillbilly sentiments and the evidence of a life clung to, in the grit beneath its fingernails. Recorded live to tape, you can almost feel the splinters from the rough-hewn floorboards. It has an immediacy of a hoe-down, you wouldn't be surprised to hear feet stomping in the background. It celebrates life in small towns in the middle of nowhere, the people, the customs, the music. 'Beggar's ballad' is as exactly as it suggests, Steve Coffey has a gritty nasal voice to carry these songs, world weary but happy to be alive. This would be sung as the dance came to end and everyone is clinging to someone in the hope that we're not alone. This is one for those of you who like the folk-roots sound of The Gourds but find them a bit too radical."-Americana UK; March 2003

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