Stevie-Lee Belfield

Stevie-Lee Belfield

Stevie-Lee Belfield

Rock, Blues, Folk
From: Leeds, United Kingdom

About Artist

After tiring of the "bubble-gum pop" generation of chart music, and the constant droning of drum machines and nauseating loops, and the propensity for everyone to be "boxed" by the media, Industrial Folk Music was born. Having played in a few bands around the North of England for a few years, I decided to write, play and record everything myself. Drawing from influences of days gone by, as eclectic as Tchaikovsky, Charlie Patton, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Queen amongst others, I deigned to box myself, so no-one else could. Of course they can, but if I've already done it they'll always be playing catch up, and that is an integral part of Industrial Folk. The albums I make are a mix of acoustic, ballads, foot-stomping rockers, amusing and introspective songs, as I believe albums should be their own creation, with different sides and angles, all the best ones have a mix, and that is what I'm trying to create. I'm primarily a singer, and while I try make everything work, the lead guitar parts, the drums, the bass lines, even occasionally the scores for orchestral arrangements, what I upload here are the *ideas* - which I believe if played by musicians more competent than I, would and could touch many people. Please feel free to contact me with any comments whatsoever, I believe criticism (constructive) is as invaluable as any compliments. Finally, thank you for visiting this page and I hope you enjoy the music. SLB

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