Stone of End

Stone of End

Stone of End

Metal, Hard rock, Progressive
From: Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

Band Members

  • Brad Lindsay - Guitar
  • Lane Sabine - Bass
  • Owen Matz - Guitar
  • Steve Minor - Vocals
  • Joey Stannard - Drums

About Band

From the depths of what many of this cities residents call hell, a band has arisen. Defeating all odds and destroying all those who oppose; they continue their struggle. With every new ear lent, their sound gets louder. With every inch of hate spewn towards them, their sound gets stronger.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Stone of End was born of 5 people, the original line up existing as so. Wes Thompson-Vocals, Brad Lindsay-Guitar, Ryan Goehring-Guitar, Lane Sabine-Bass, Kevin Zinger-Drums. The project was home in a dirty run down redcliff garage, infested with engine parts, shitty carpet, and beer cans, lots of beer cans. The original lineup came from all walks of life. The two founders, Wes and Brad, came together after smoking copious amounts of pot at a fellow friends party. They then decided, after a month or two, to start jamming. Third to join the rift was, Kevin Zinger. Formerly living in Brooks, Kevin, moved back into Medicine Hat for reasons unknown. The final pieces of the puzzle came to be through the fall of another band. Lane and Ryan both came from a former project of their's named "Sequoia".

The first few months were a complete blur. Practising everyday, Drinking everyday, Smoking Pot every hour... you get the picture. After 3 months of grueling work the time to act arrived. Lane Sabine decided to throw his first, and SoE's first show ever. For the price of 2 dollars you were able to catch 4 bands. No Dice(RIP), Treachery, Stone of End, and Agnus Meatplow. A revolution was in the making.

Stone of End established themselves as a key player when they headlined the second show on their roster. This show was Rocktober 2005. A magnitude of bands played for this festival and to all recollection, it was a great time. From that day on, Medicine Hat would never be the same. The ball kept rolling. It kept gaining strength as the surges of people continued to rush the doors, and flood the merch tables. Those who were there will remember the bands that saved the local scene in 2005.

Chapter 2 - The Change

After playing for a year or so, members started to come and go. Differences were realised and people were let go, or they let themselves go. Unfortunately feelings were hurt but everyone must continue on with their venture's. On the bright side of things, new members travelled over the horizon and met us all in due time. Out of the ashes of the old came the seeds of the new and 3 new members came to be. Those members are, Steve Minor-Vocals, Joey Stannard-Drums, and last but certainly not least, Owen Matz-Guitar.

All of these new members come with their own talents and idea's, those of which will meld into the sound of SoE to make something vast and expansive. Nothing left to waste, we give it our all, everyday, every second, to bring you, the listeners, the fans, the people who hate us, the people who want to see us fail, something to wrap their ears around.


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