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My name is Lucio Reyes Urbano. I am known as "Luciano" at KUNM89.9FM (, one of the top college radio stations in the United States. I have been there since 1991. KUNM is located at The University of New Mexico. I am a music programmer and dj. I engineer and produce LIVE performances. I host artist interviews and have produced (and hosted) cultural talk shows on radio, television and have written on culture for print media. I also produce my own two bi-weekly shows call "Sunday Overnite FreeForm" (1am-5am) and "Tuesday Afternoon FreeForm" (1:30pm-4pm). My formats consist of world international music as well as international, regional and local independent music styles such as alternative rock, blues, jazz, r&b/soul/funk, hiphop/rap, reggae, movie soundtracks, spokenword, poetry, comedy, oldies/classic rock, new age/ambient, orchestra/ symphony/ classical, worldbeat/afro-pop, folk/bluegrass/country! I also produce all that is modern Latino, and Urban Native American (excluding anything that goes "un ca ca, un ca ca" or "pow wow"). In all my years of being in the music industry I have met many independent music recording artists that have deserved a break, whether it’s in jazz, blues, rock, or hiphop. And in all my years in this industry things haven’t changed much here in the southwest. No one in the outside really cares, especially for hiphop. Not one being too crazy about gangster rap myself, I realized through my sons what a big part of our culture this type of music was during the 1990s and how it’s evolved into hiphop/r&b today. In fact most radio stations do not feature gangster rap at all in the southwest.

Anyone that knows me well can testify to the fact that I do not patronize artists. In fact I have been outspoken about this through the medias. This never set well with many native music artists of the southwest who continue to be patronized by non-professionals or shady characters in the industry. I have to deal with world international music artists (not to mention a reputation!), so the comparison to that and independent recording artists from the southwest is, well, no comparison! However, since the late 1990s one artist has submerged and it’s really bothered many of us here as to why no one has discovered this talented hiphop artist by the name of "Stratjic". This artist comes by way of Detroit, Michigan but has been in New Mexico long enough to know that as a hiphop artist, this is not the area to be in (just ask hiphop artist Xibit!). Yet this has not kept him from making some head wave, as you will see.

Stratjic was discovered by actor/comedian George Lopez in 1997, he’s recorded with members of the legendary rap group 2LIVECrew in 2005, and in 2007 he had one of his songs chosen by world famous movie director Paul Haggis to be featured in another one of his hit movies call "In The Valley of Elah" Sounds exciting huh? Wellllll. It’s been frustrating for me personally to get involved in Stratjics career because this artist happens to be my nephew! This one factor has kepted me from getting involved. However I can no longer sit on the side lines cheering him on when I know (along with many others) that he deserves a break in the major industry. From the very beginning of this young man’s career I too felt that he is gifted and that he is in a class of his own; which is why as long as he continues to be stuck here in the southwest no one of real importance will ever find out about him.

was discovered by

Stratjic moved to Albuquerque (from the Detroit, Michigan area) in the mid-1990s. He moved away from heading towards street life (more out of adventure than because of economic or social reasons!). Things didn’t get any better when he moved here to Albuquerque, N.M. He will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t come from a broken home or that he blames his troubled past in gangs on his upbringing. He simply explains that his troubled past was his own bad choices in life, as well as being influenced by music and the media! Unfortunately because of those bad choices, he experienced first hand the violence, death, and the incarceration of many he was once associated with. Some he’s even written songs about. From 1996 to 2005 it was obvious that Stratjic was different then all the other rappers in this area of the southwest. Many expected to hear Chicano Rap (Mexican American) and didn’t quite understand why this guy preferred to perform straight up black culture gangster rap instead. It was also a little bit confusing for some whenever they met and saw him perform. Stratjic was at first criticized (including by his own families!) for acting like a black person, "gangster" at that. I too was guilty of it, until he explained to several of us that he comes from the Detroit area, grew up in Detroit area, hung out with the black culture in the Detroit area! It’s actually very simple, as he’s explained over and over, time after time, "Had I been brought up with my own Latino culture, guess what?" "Detroit, MICHIGAN folks, not Detroit, New Mexico!"

Being Latino in the hiphop industry here in the southwest has a lot of drawbacks when it comes to being accepted by the "black music industry" on the outside. It’s very well known that there never really has been an interest in our hiphop culture by the outside international hiphop industry of the east coast, west coast, and now the south! For instance in 2006 Stratjic and part of his crew attended a hiphop summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Right after they paid their fee to participate, the guys approached the main registration table for hiphop artists to sign in. OK, here’s the reverse discrimination coming up. As they got to the front of the line they were informed that the Latino hiphop artists have to sign up at the Latino hiphop table. "Towards the back please." Stratjic still freshly recalls getting upset and telling them, "We don’t do Latino, we do straight up hiphop like you!" They apologized but pointed out that the forum was set up that way for demographical reasons. Stratjic remembers turning away feeling discriminated, but the worst insult was yet to come. He and his crew went to register at the Latino table and after Latino reps reviewed their cd they informed them that their music and style was not Latino! "No shit! huh." Needless to say they just walked away in disgust. Stratjic recalls that particular moment, telling the reps as they walked away, "Oh, OK! So I’m supposed to be MC Burrito and him DJ Guacamole".

One of Stratjic’s first big breaks was in 1997 when he attended a "George Lopez" concert here in Albuquerque. Someone managed to talk to George about this dynamic Latino rap artist and convinced him to give him a break to perform something of "freestyle rap". Without even hearing Stratjic before hand George didn’t hesitate and obliged to the request. Not only was George impressed! The much older audience was too! They applauded with excitement, even asking for more! George went on to invite Stratjic back for the next night’s performance. Stratjic obliged in returned. This whole experience inspired him to perfect his craft and stage performances. After that last night it was very obvious that this kid would become popular someday. Although he’s reminded some of a young 2PAC it’s something he doesn’t care to be compared to for obvious reasons and he continues to strive on his own merits.

In 2004, Stratjic and his producer DollaBill met "Fresh Kid Ice" of 2LIVECrew (2LC) at a concert. They hit it off so well that he was invited to open up for several 2LC shows. He was honored to say the least. It developed into a friendship that still exists to this day. Biggest surprise here was that they (2LC) were very impressed with Stratjics song writing abilities; the remixing of music, as well as listening to interesting beats produced by his producer DollaBill. That was a big plus. This kind of talent in the southwest was rare, so they jumped at the chance to record a club song together! In 2005 they did so with a song call "Bounce Shake It" a strip club favorite (no surprise with 2LC involved!). Stratjic introduced me to "Fresh Kid Ice" and "Fish n’ Grits " in 2005. I featured their music and interviewed them on a special hiphop program call "StreetBeat" on KUNM. That was one of the wildest interviews yet!

In early2007 Stratjic was also discovered by S. Todd Christensen at a popular strip club where Stratjic was host dj. Todd is a well known "movie location manager". He was out scouting for a strip club (for movie scene!) in behalf of world known movie director Paul Haggis ("Crash" and "Million Dollar Baby"). Mr. Haggis was in Albuquerque shooting the movie call "In The Valley of Elah" starring Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, Susan Sarandon, and James Brolin. Todd liked the song Stratjic suggested for the club scene. The song is call "Rock Like This". He introduced it to Mr.Haggis, who liked it so much that he not only featured it in the movie club scene but also had it featured in the closing credits. The song was co-written and produced with DollaBill. Their real names were used instead of their stage names on the credits. Since the release of the dvd, the song has been exposed to millions of people worldwide! The guys have been asked to summit any other songs of interest for future movie soundtrack consideration.

Even though Stratjic chooses to continue to stay true to rap music he is totally flexible to today’s popular hiphop and r&b. So with this in mind he has already taken those steps by working on new material catered to today’s audience. This approach has already paid off with the movie soundtrack (at lease the pay for the song!). The publicity of having someone like this break into the big leagues would be a win win for everyone involved. I envision him a total success, not so much here in the states, but in Japan and Europe where the dvd movie release has already exposed him to the world! So in closing, I am sincerely asking you to consider checking Stratjic out and you decide whether he’s got what it takes or not.

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