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Stu Magru

Stu Magru

Country, Pop, Rock
From: Leeds, United Kingdom

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Stu original hails from a small village on the outskirts of Wokingham, Berkshire, UK.

After many jobs Stu realized his calling was music and decided to concentrate on his dream.

In 2000-2001 Stu met by chance Jamie Goddard when Jamie came and auditioned for the part of Lead singer in Stus Band at the time Scream.

Jamie decided the band wasn't for him but asked Stu to join him with his band for DJing purposes.

After an unfortunate accident with Jamies older brother Stu was asked to go and play drums for a Microsoft Christmas party On the Caversham Princess. Stu Accepted and eventually took over the full time roll of Drummer.

In 2003 Stu attended a Princes Trust week long course at the ACM in Guildford where he met Jonnie 'Monkey' Hawkins. They became great friends and were pretty inseparable forming a band of the best musicians on the course to perform for the others.

In 2004 Stu left Jamies band 'The First Class' (named after Jamies dads Group who had had a hit with the song Beach Baby in the 70s)
and concentrated on Djing of which Stu had acquired a couple of residencies in Bars just outside London.

Stu ended up moving to Oxford a couple of Days after the Princes Trust course had finished and moved in with Jonnie where they formed an originals band called Trailerpark.
Trailerpark wrote and recorded a few songs but never really did anything with them.

During that time Jonnie had introduced to Stu to a friend of his (Adam Manning) who Stu in 2004 formed Spinoffs with.

Stu and Adam wrote and recorded the first Spinoffs album entitled 'Life In Miniature' and proceeded to perform tracks from the album and new tracks yet to be recorded at such events like Hobble On The Cobbles opening Shows In Aylesbury and a few duo acoustic gigs in various pubs around Oxford.

In 2007 Jamie Called Stu up and asked him if he would like to rejoin The First Class which Stu happily accepted, with news of his first and currently only child on the way the opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.

Stu learn t the art of live sound mixing and also got into band recording even more and honed his talents.

Stu has been lucky enough to have performed in various countries around the world appearing on TV and Radio also.
Stu was one of the original member of Jamies 60s tribute band The Zoots and performed for Royal Caribbean all over Europe on some of the biggest ships in the world to thousands and thousands of people.

2011 Stu decided to leave Both bands The Zoots and now named Jamie & The First Class to go back to Djing.

About a year later Stu had been talking with ex Jamie & The First Class and Zoots Keyboard Player Nic Slack about forming their own band.
Nic had told Stu about a great singer he had met in Yorkshire (where Nic was now living) who had formerly been a backing singer for Van Morrison and Shakin Stevens among many others.

Stu made the trip every couple of weeks from Swindon where he was living at the time to Yorkshire for rehearsals and to record some demos.
Unfortunately the Go Tones as they were called didn't work out.
 Nic and Stu decided they wouldn't give up and continued to form what became Spinoffs! (Cover Band)
2014 saw the Spinoffs seal a contract performing the Haven Holiday parks around the UK.
After a few personnel changes 2015 saw the Spinoffs! win an award for Leeds CIU Best Band.
2016 became the last year the Spinoffs! would tour after all members agreeing to go separate ways.
The very last gig with all 4 members was January 2017.

Now Currently Stu is working on recording his own original music which you can find links to here.

We hope you get much enjoyment out of the songs as Stu does making them and performing them.

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