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From: Gaborone, Botswana

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Hi there rock/metal lovers my name is Stux Daemon I first picked my first guitar on the 13th of September 1998. This came about after years of listening to bands like Iron Maiden, metallica, machine head , pantera, ACDC, def leppard,jimi hendrix,scorpions, and so on. I felt it was time for me to play the music that was ringing in my head. It wasn't long before I formed an extreme metal band called Wrust in 2000 and thereafter played a lot shows in Botswana, Africa (where I was born and live) then South Africa alongside bands such as Sepultura, entombed, Carcass and so on.

Well the solo Project is something close to my heart and som ething that I wanted to do when I first picked up the guitar. Compare to Wrust I would say this is way lightly and slower. I only started doing clean vocals in 2008 and aint that a bitch I mean I am not used to doing vocal lessons but hey!

I hope you enjoy the music that I uploaded....just a demo I recorded at the Daemon studios

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