Gothic, Metal, Folk
From: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Jess - Vocals
  • Mat - Lead Guitar
  • Alex - Keyboards
  • Red - Rhythm Guitar
  • Adge - Bass
  • Tom - Drums

About Band

The world is Submerged in pain, fear and doubt in the darkness… someone has to light the way amid all this indecisiveness…

Jessica Farrugia, Mat Atkinson, Adge Bullimore, Red Vinyl, Pac and Tom Murray are the bearers of this light. With their musical abilities they’re preparing to rid the darkness from this land and reawaken the sleeping, magical power of the world. Through the compelling and awe inspiring tracks that they have produced, Submerged are looking forward to resuming the mission of bringing hope and light into this otherwise dreary world.

Gothic Metal has waited a very long time for a band who have both originality and accessibility. Unfortunately the genre has incurred many comments of bad taste with bands being accused of imitation and has been in dire need of a champion for a new movement in the genre and how fitting that this should start in Birmingham, the very birthplace of metal? Submerged have already worked for charity and have an amazing array of fans who are more than supportive of their work.

Music is essential for the expression of nonmaterial ideals and energies. Music colours our surroundings with emanations from the highest vibrational fields. It allows us to escape all limitations in our thinking and very existence, surround yourself with music, Submerge yourself in it. Enjoy being limitless!



Band Biography

Submerged are a Birmingham based band who have reformed over the last 5 years. Their music is influenced by bands such as Leaves Eyes, Nightwish, The Smashing Pumpkins, Opeth, Anathema and various Folk music. They are as follows:

Jessica Farrugia - Vocals/Lyrics

Mat Atkinson - Lead Guitars

Red Vinyl - Guitar

Alex Juno - Keyboards

Adge Bullimore - Bass

Tom Murray - Drums

They have a unique and satisfying sound which has been often described as Melodic Gothic Folk Metal. For more information please refer to the bands myspace or website at the following addresses:

(N.B: Our website is currently under construction but is still accessible)

Media and Reviews

Submerged have been around since 2005 and have been included in various interviews. The most recent interviews are available on their myspace and on their website.

They gained some airplay at a local Birmingham radio station: Aston Fm. Two of their tracks were played back to back in the same show, reason being because the station was inundated with requests to put their music on again! This sparked a lot of interest and ultimately gave the band even more exposure.

In 2008 Submerged were finalists for the Metal Festival Bloodstock. Their tracks were played at the festival itself and were noticed by many. This led to them being included on the Femme Metal Cd where they appeared as track number 2 among other unsigned Birmingham Bands. Femme Metal are also selling the Submerged EP Wilted Matilda online at the Femme Metal store.

Submerged have also done some charity work for Cancer Research where they raised £380 in 2008. They gained sponsorship from Scruffy Murphys Rock Bar and Cancer Research as a result.

Aims and Objectives

Following their recent successes Submerged are looking forward to playing more live shows and festivals over the next year or so. They are particularly interested in supporting other mainstream acts in order to increase their following.

They are also looking forward to recording their first live video which will be professionally shot over the next few months. They are going to distribute this to Music Channels such as Scuzz and Kerrang whom have already shown an interest in the band.

By the end of this year Submerged are hoping to become a signed band and with that to experience the limelight a little more!

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