Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic
From: Paderborn, Germany

Band Members

  • Tobi Vogel - Guitars
  • Johannes Bert - Guitars
  • Seb Sperl - Drums
  • Carsten Mentzel - Bass/Rhodes/Synthie
  • Moritz Scherberich - Sax
  • Florian Waibel - Orchestra
  • Prof. Eckhard Wiemann - Piano

About Band

Three young german students of Popular Music and Media found each other to create a dynamic sound vision of modern rock music. They´ve been tired of all the pop-commercial borders and conventions. Together with some friends they recorded their first CD "Kra!" during July 2007.
Influences from the Psychedelic veterans of the 70s combined with a futuristic atmosphere and Post-Rock influences of the new century, "Suchtmaschine" found its place in a musical world called "Kra!" The size of the songs are normally ,ore than 8MB, so feel free to download the album on

Neo-Psychedelic, Prog-Hotschrott mit einer Prise Leben, Licht und Schatten; getragen von Streben nach musikalischer Freiheit in einer Zeit, in der Musik keine gängigen Konventionen mehr braucht, um verstanden zu werden. Jeder kennt sie. Die Lust an der Sucht. Jeder wird sie erkennen. Die Suchtmaschine.

Trois bons longs instrumentaux de 9 mn dans l'esprit seventies. Trois musiciens (batteur, guitariste et sans doute un bassiste-claviériste) qui alternent entre passages calmes et riffs de guitares à la "Rush", accompagné parfois de claviers. Pas si expérimental que ça finalement. Pas mal l'intervention du sax sur le 1er titre et il y a aussi du violon ! Du Krautrock Made In Germany quoi ! (Review on Kra! by "Jaz" on

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