Death Metal, Emo, Metal
From: Ada, OK, United States

Band Members

  • Nero - Vocals
  • Tristan Harvey - Drums
  • Michael Estep - Guitar II
  • Cameron Canada - Guitar I

About Band

Like screamo? Morbidity? Are you filled with hatred and sorrow? Then join us. We are Suicide Bride. With two guitarists who's skills make the oldest of corpses fist-pump, a drummer with beats that crack open the sky, a bassist who's low bumps implode volcanoes and a singer who's voice makes demons orgasm on the spot, Suicide Bride is an elite screamo/emo/metal band. We have a rather new, very unique sound. Our ony influences are koRn, Black Veil Brides and Lady Gaga. We're not influenced so much by their music, rather their individualitiness and uniqueness. We are in the process of recording many of our original songs, plus a few covers. Our song writing process is pretty much just someone will play or sing something, then someone else will start playing, then someone else and someone else then Nero will sing with it. So, I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a bit about us; check back regularly and we will hopefully have our music uploaded. Become a fan!

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