Metal, Progressive, Hardcore
From: Eau Claire, WI, United States

Band Members

  • Kris Miller - Guitar
  • Matt Henning - Vocals
  • Justin Marko - Bass
  • Kennedy Smith - Cymbals & Drums

About Band

SUIDICE, "The Chippewa Valley's Most Physically-Fit Metal Band," are bringing something new to the metal community. Many aspects of the music are standard, heavy metal staples such as distorted guitars and double bass drums.  The band makes an honest effort to include them in cooperation with their heavy metal vision.  Drummer, Kennedy Smith admits that although the band is often credited with being one of the most original sounding bands, "so many concepts in SUIDICE's music are standards, set long ago, by heavy metal pioneers such as JUDAS PRIEST, RONNIE JAMES DIO, and of course, BLACK SABBATH.  Metaphors - those hidden life lessons and stories have long been the backbone of metal.  We don't claim to have started this; we're simply putting them back into the music we love as most other music in the last decade has left them behind.  We want to encourage our listeners to be strong and live life to their satisfaction just as we, ourselves, strive to." 

The vision is straight-forward, SUIDICE points to the fears and failures everyone encounters in life waging a war of words on such things.  Fears and failures are dependent upon one and other but simple awareness can bring them both to submission - SUIDICE chooses to share that awareness with all who are willing to listen.

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