Hip-Hop, Metal, Rap
From: Lusaka, Zambia

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My music is largely a combination of multiple genres and influence, significantly Hip-Hop and various forms of Metal. Since I'm not much for prose, here's my bio in bullet points. - First rap song I ever heard was Stee-Lo's "I Wish" back in the late '90z - Began playing keyboard in '03 - Starting actively listening to Rap music with Rick Ross' Port of Miami back in '06 - Heard Dr. Dre's "Keep Their Heads Ringing" in '08 and it changed my perspective of Rap music and the same year I started experimenting with FL Studio on occasion - Discovered Immortal Technique and Lupe Fiasco in '09 and threw out all my "commercial Hip-Hop" music collection, started learning how to rap for myself and learned how to play guitar. The same I recorded for the first time towards a mixtape that was never completed due to the studio being shut down. - I was exposed to Alternative Rock around 2010 by discovering acts like The Fray, Simple Plan, Anberlin and others. The same year I featured on my first professional recording on a song by Kazizi and Stubb Komma titled "Throw Back" - I enrolled for a music program at the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Sciences in 2011 where I learned classical piano techniques. There I was taught to play trombone and taught myself bass and drums. - In 2013 I helped create the song "Animus" by local Alternative Metal band Stasis Prey and also recorded and released my first EP, Coyote, which had positive (albeit minimal) reception. - I met fellow rapper Skeptik (also known as Skepgoat) somewhere circa 2011/2012, at which point we started working on a project which came to completion and release in 2013 but only made more of an impact during 2014. Titled "Dreaming Dead" it saw more reception than my previous solo effort. - in 2014 I recorded and released another EP titled "No Slackers" as a precursor to a yet incomplete first album titled "Slacker," which is still in the making. During the same year, I was called upon to be the drummer for Numetal/Alternative Metal band Glitch.

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