Takács Árpád & Mészáros Béla

Takács Árpád & Mészáros Béla

Takács Árpád & Mészáros Béla

Electronica, Alternative, World
From: Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary

Band Members

  • Takács Árpád - Vocals
  • Mészáros Béla - Instruments

About Band

Takács Árpád & Mészáros Béla (family names first) are an experimental duo, formed in 2008, Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary.

The band members first met in 2006.
At that time they already had some thougts on making music together but only in the middle of 2008 came 'Mental meltdown EP' their first common effort which presented english vocals.

In the beginning they had countless temporary band lineups and several ups and downs.
However, the two remaining members Árpád Takács (23) and Béla Mészáros (23) decided to continue and write more songs for another demo (which later had clearly shaped up to be the duo's first LP).

This led them to actually form the “band”, Reality Rising in September 2008.

The songwriting started in november, and soon they had two articles in Hammerworld and Rockinform magazines and two debut concerts in February 2009.

After a whole year of hard work, the 'Reality Rising LP' was finished in December 2009 with ten new songs on it.

2010 brings an unexpected pause, and later on some summer gigs.
Things weren’t going so well at the time, but still, the ideas and the presence of the whole band became more and more serious.

By the end of 2010 as tons of new songs suddenly came to realization and with the lyrics now in hungarian they finally managed to find their own voice.

After a lot of preparation, between April 2011 and March 2012 they recorded a final demo with some of their “remade” earlier songs.

In July 2012 'Negyedik Állapot' (eng.: ‘Fourth State’) EP is released under the name Takács Árpád & Mészáros Béla.

2013 brings evolved looks, written and drawn symbols, hungarian traditional message and their new 'elektroinstrumentál' (ethnic-electronic) sound, with the first ever self made music video of the song "Rendíthetetlen".

The two finally made the decision of staying in a duo formation, and started pre-production of 'Magyar Tengeren' (eng.: On hungarian seas) an LP, which is going to be released in 2015.

January 2014; 'Rendíthetetlen' DVD which contains everything from the 2013 period including the first ever interview.

February 2014; Re-instrumenting, re-arranging of songs and also rehearshals began for live shows.
Technical changes - from now on they perform the songs on both a newly released guitar midi synthesizer and a midi controller.

August 2014; Before the aforementioned 'Magyar tengeren' LP, the duo decides to release a double EP named 'Másvilág', the first part coming this september on the 7th birthday.
From 'Másvilág' EP they featured 'Alakváltók' music video already.

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