Tatz Kahlan

Tatz Kahlan

Tatz Kahlan

Club, R&B, Hip-Hop
From: Harare, Zimbabwe

About Artist

I am a singer/songwriter/rapper. I was born in Zimbabwe in a family of five with me being the last born. Growing up i used to like sports from tennis to soccer there wasn't any sport i didn't play. I also did gymnastics upto 12 years. I always had a passion for music but i was too afraid to pursue it as my culture had a strong belief that 'one should go to school and qualify for formal sector employment.' So telling that to my mother who had been brainwashed by that was a non-starter besides music was associated with poverty. They believed pursuing music was like buying a first-class plane ticket destined to poverty. I hid my passion successfully until when i was 16 and started writing my own songs. I had no guts to record neither did i have the funding mostly because i never sought for my family's support because they are certain things you know that no matter how much you try the fate is already written and trying yields no satisfying results. Five years later, i became friends with a studio owner and he allowed me to record my song 'Just Dance.' Four months later i recorded 'Green World' but i launched green world first and not Just Dance. So here is where i am right now and will be launching my second single on the 25th of February, 'just dance.' The journey to where i want to go with music may seem faraway, but i made the three huge steps into my career 1)I fought my fears i went into the studio and recorded 2) I have fought the beliefs that tied me around about music and i hope my success will loosen the ties around my culture as well 3) I have publicised myself on a global scale about my career plans and am so proud of it! Journey with me through my career as i pursue music and you can be influenced to fight your fears and embrace your passion and dreams!

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