Tear Drops

Tear Drops

Tear Drops

Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop
From: Indianapolis, IN, United States

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Hello World! Let me introduce myself. My name is Joenette who goes by the artist name of Tear Drops. My artist name is Tear Drops because, I was born with 6 beautiful tears that go down the left side of my face. My tears make me unique just like my music. I have my own style I don't try to be like anyone else just me, and that is good enough for me! I am an underground artist who is on the mission of being nationally known like most independent artist dream of. I have a unique sound. My style is R&B and POP music. I love to listen to rap, hip hop, blues, christian music, etc;. My life story is:

   When  I was 14 years old my body was taken from me by, my mothers ex-boyfriend. Due to being rapped I became pregnant with a little girl who is now 12 years old. My mother couldn't handle my pregnancy and did not want to have anything to do with my baby so she first placed me in a maternity home for unwed mothers. After my time was up in the maternity home my mother wouldn't not answer any calls from the home, some of my family on my mothers side felt bad for me so I was placed from family member to family member. Everyone had their own life and didn't really want me included in them. After being tired of being placed from member to member I told my aunt she already had her children living with her and I knew it was hard on her as a single mother so I called the police and asked them to come and get my daughter and I we had knowone. Ater staying in the detention center a lady that worked their said " their was a women who was looking for some family and she was willing to take my daughter and I. To keep my daughter with me as afraid as I was I decided to go. The very first time I layed eyes on my foster mother was the very day that I went to live in her home. I lived with her until I turned 18 years old.

From day one my tear drops has represented me as a soldier and a very strong person. I have been writing music since the age of 8 and singing since the age of 8. Music has saved my life through my whole life. In my music I express myself. I take out all my stress, fears,pain ,happiness in my music.. Through my music I work hard to touch the hearts of those who can relate and to those who try to understand the reality of everyday life.

To all of my fans I pray you love my music and I want to tell you thankyou from the start for your encouragement from the start. I'm already a star just like all of you! I want to say thankyou again from the heart!

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Website: teardrops.fuzz.com

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