The Complex Project

The Complex Project

The Complex Project

Rock, Blues, Alternative
From: Joliet, IL, United States

Band Members

  • Brendon Irons - Singer
  • Blake Loeschen - Drums
  • Dan Timm - Bass
  • Shane Wilkey - Guitar

About Band

Each member comes from different background in music. From jazz to metal. From country to dubstep. Each member provides a style that is unique to every song. Shane has a guitar style that is amazing to watch and hear. He plays with no pick, but yet somehow manages to nail wicked leads and great guitar harmonies. Not only is Dan a great bass player, but he is at the front when it comes to putting songs together. Dan not only has the speed that a bass needs, but he has true flavor every time he picks it up. His style is like non other and he refuses to be in anyones shadow. Blake Loeschen brings to the band an interesting stlye. With fat sick drum beats, and an approach to the songs that come out of left field. Blake has a style that cant be matched no matter what! He has the ability to pick apart a song and find the perfect beat to match what is going on from start to finish. Brendon has been compared vocally to Johnny Cash and Dave Grohl. His energy lights up the room and he demands nothing but the best from himself and those around him...and he gets it! The stage performance is always top notch no matter what. Its always a show with The Complex Project. They love to hang out with the fans and party it up like no other can! Always up front for other bands and always showing love and respect where ever they go. The Complex Project has had the great opportunity to share the stage with Wayland, The Nigul Dupree Band, and Prospect Hill. Always making friends along the way, and melting faces with there soulful music that not only rocks! but always tells a great story. The lyrics are taken directly from realy life situations that either Brendon has lived though, or knows someone that has gone through something simular.

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