The Divide

The Divide

The Divide

Punk, Hardcore, Rock
From: Davis, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Isaac - Guitar/Vocals
  • Jamie - Drums
  • Taylor - Bass/Vocals
  • Derek - Guitar/Vocals

About Band

With a sound reminiscent of early 90s bay area punk rock, The Divide has reaffirmed not only a punk rock spirit that has been lost over the past 10 years, but also a social awareness that is sorely lacking in popular music. With few exceptions, punk rock ethos has been sacrificed in order to appease current trends of popular culture. Against this backdrop, The Divide was created.

Blending influences like Operation Ivy, The Clash, Fifteen, Leftover Crack, and The Unseen, The Divide has created their own style of politically motivated punk rock. The result is a sound reminiscent of early 90s ska-punk, with enough leads and background vocals to keep anyone interested, from die-hard street punk fans to pop-punk aficionados.

The Divide formed out of a shared desperation and disgust, not only for the current music scene, but also the current state of American politics and foreign policy. The summer of 2006 proved to be a profound turning point. The band originally started as a continuation of lead singer Isaac “Eye Sac” Thornton’s previous band, All Dead, but quickly evolved into something entirely new. Twenty minutes of playing with drummer Jamie Prior (formerly of Fifteen, Madcap, The Mahi Mahis, and countless other bands) was all it took for both Thornton and Prior to realize their vision of a musically solid, politically and socially aware, punk rock band. The rhythm section came together in full force with Taylor Street (The Backups, Minus You, Some Assholes) whose shared musical vision and talent made him the essential choice for a bass player. With the addition of Santa Rosa native Derek Neilson supplying lead guitar and sharing vocals, the line-up was complete.

After touring extensively throughout California and Nevada in a mini-van, playing whenever and wherever they could, giving away hundreds of copies of their demo, even sending them, along with patches, stickers, and buttons to kids across the world for free, The Divide has just completed their self-titled 6-song EP in preparation for their upcoming US tour. Recorded by Eric Broyhill (7-seconds, Pressure Point, Deftones) at The Pus Cavern in Sacramento, the EP is an all-out assault on the current state of punk rock. With politically charged lyrics, relentless drumming, and awesome guitar parts, the only way to fully describe this EP is tough as nails.

The message is clear: music is power. It is not a means for prosperity and fame.
The Divide realizes this message more now then ever. The lyrics pierce the hearts and minds of a sea of raised fists, echoing over the reverberation of the guitars and the bass, to the steady pulse of the drums:

“Divided we stand, divided we fall.”

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