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Forty years after the publication Tom Wolfe’s seminal ‘Electric Kool Aid Acid Test’, four admirers in a run down Mancunian cotton mill set about creating a twisted aural tribute to the work of the Merry Pranksters. Initially created as a studio project to occupy the spare time mind of deranged psychiatric nurse and erstwhile Animal impersonator Stelly, the band have expanded over the past three years to include a combination of traditional instrumentation and electric wizardry. The result is a collision between trip-blues, shamanic chanting and textural experimentation. Along the way, Stelly has assembled a motley crew of reprobates and vagabonds infused by the feral vocal contortions and razor sharp riffing of frontman Chris Young, the sinuous swagger of bassist Mike Atkins and the whirlpool of fretboard destruction unleashed by guitarist Rob Boyle. This demented trio would soon completely frenzied and disjointed without the pounding drums of Stelly steering them artfully through their kaleidoscopic nightmares. With luck and endeavour, you may one day encounter this rabid collective unleashed among the wild heartlands of Northwest England. However, be wary of what you may find…

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