The Flaming Trees

The Flaming Trees

The Flaming Trees

Hard rock, Alternative, Rock
From: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Band Members

  • Elias Sabella - Guitarist/Vocals
  • Samer El Hage - Keyboard/Piano
  • Samir Nassif - Bass
  • Siina Hawker - Drums/Backing Vocals

About Band

Band Biography
The band was formed when Elias Sabella (guitar, vocals) and Samir Nassif (bass) wanted to make a rock band, but not just a regular slam your guitar band, but a mix of classic rock (such as good ol’ AC/DC) and modern pop-punk (Blink 182). With only two members, we seriously were in need of some more strength in numbers, and therefore recruited friend and pianist Samer El Hage. With only three members in the band, we realised we were in desperate need of a drummer and a second rhythm guitarist. With the help of a friend (Mike), we found their drummer Siina Hawker (who is in another band called Shrimp Cocktail who was almost immediately convinced to join the band. Finally Elias asked a classmate Olek Zyborski to join in the position of a rhythm guitarist, and he also happens to be a great solo shredder, as influenced by Mettalica. (The only letdown was that he, at the time, had no experience with any other bands or performing in front of an audience. That has changed now though). Now with a complete band, we just successfully completed our first gig at the ‘Trampoline’ back in February. The band was nominated to open for one of the greatest band in the world Coldplay. The band has also been feautured on magazines, newspaper and radios.

Members Biography 

Elias Sabella AKA Prazi/ Sabella - Elias was born in November 1992, he is originally Jordanian and has been living in the U.A.E for 8 years now. He is currently the Lead Guitarist and Vocalist of the band. He has been playing the guitar for 4 years now and has has been singing ever since he joined the band. His influences are KFC or McDonalds Metallica, AC/DC, Nirvana, Muse, Dream Theatrer and Iron Maiden
Samir Nassif AKA Sas - Sas was born in December 1992, he is originally lebanese but lived all his life in Dubai. He is currently the bassist of the band the flaming trees, sas has been playing bass since the age of 14 but played the guitar for 2 years before playing bass. His influences are Motorhead, Lamb of God, Nirvana, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Trivium and Alter Bridge
Samer El Hage AKA TL (the Legendary) - Samer was born in December 1992, he is originally lebanese. He was born in England and has been living in Dubai for 7 years now. He is currently the Keyboardist and rhythm guitarist of the flaming trees. He has been playing Piano for 11 years but stopped for 3 years in the past. His main influences are Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Dream Theater, Muse, Eminem
Siina Hawker AKA The Credible Hulk - Siina was born in July, he is originally from Canada . He is currently the drummer and backing vocalist of the flaming trees. He has been playing drums for 3 years now. His main influences are Blink 182, yellow card , + 44, Deathcab for Cuttie, Travis Barker and Muse

We are now working on our first EP which will contain the following tracks:


All Day

Deserve (light vs Lust)


Fear of Fear


you guys can check us out on these links:

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