Jazz, Punk, Alternative
From: Hollywood, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Mikaleno - Guitar
  • or Joe Baiza - Guitar
  • or LA Marx - Guitar
  • Kenny Kawamura - Sax
  • Todd Homer - Bass
  • Larry Copcar - Drums / Vocal
  • Dan Clucas - Trumpet

About Band

  Latest CD release:  "TETOSTERONE" (GULCHER Records)

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 "Explicit language, better grab a beer. Honest and unpretentious, as un corporate as one can get, nothing gets pretty here.


 Explicit language, better grab a beer. Production is a bit dry and in your face. Turn this up so that it bounces off  your walls and you will feel like your there!

 Free you mind and your ass will follow" -George Clinton. In a world of growing media conglomerates records like this stand out lyrically as well as musically, free in thought and expression. Thereto we all owe a great deal of thanks to Thomas Edison for the recording medium but also to the internet for free expression.

Stripped down raw, powered by an 8-Ball, two exiled punk rockers, years of old Albert Ayler records and a angry stand up ex-comic. Accompanied by the ghost of Lenny Bruce…. Todd Homer, Larry Copcar, and Kenny Kawamura make the scene as THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARETET. A free jazz trio who invite guitar playing friends on some tracks to unleash years of frustration with the music industry, jobs, wives, and just assholes that abound in daily life. All this is plainly explained by Copcar who manages to work the microphone like a seasoned comic whilst drilling his drum kit. Meanwhile Kawamura's Saxophone tangles with Homer's bass like enemy soldiers under the machinegun fire of Copcar. This trio Could easily set off a new trend for the kids!... Freecomedyjazz!?.... NOT. The logical conclusion of The Steve Allan w/ Peter Brotzmann, Jack Kerouac Band? Production is a bit dry with microphones in the red on the saxophones but lacking on the volume of comedic one-liners by Larry (Scarono) Copcar. This CD obviously represents an impromptu collection of recordings that must best represent the band's feelings about commercial music and political correctness. Music today, and the whole of our censored media, needs more heroes like this and I can only hope these guys have more to come." -Douglas Moore


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