The Humor

The Humor

The Humor

Pop, Rock, Country
From: Aleksinac, Serbia and Montenegro

Band Members

  • Zoki "Angus" - vocals/guitar/bass
  • Dimex - keyboards/back vocals

About Band

Hello there. The Humor is band with (curently) two members. It is planed for band to reach 127 members. Other 125 members are planed to watch us two playing an of course aplauding...And of course we are just kiding...(or are we?) Audition for other 125 members is open :-) Now serious (if it is possible for us to be serious): We ARE a two man band from small town called Aleksinac (Serbia) with population about 18000. It's a very isolated, depresed town and only way to escape from that is to be a little bit crazy(and we are crazy more than we should be). On the other hand, nature here (forrests, lakes, rivers, mountains) is very inspirative for us and it helps us from feeling isolated. In the town itself, rock music is almost dead. There is small number of musicians that play this kind of music (no more than 10 amateurs). We are proud that we are only group in this area that plays it's own music. For gigs, we have a bassist and a drumer but both of them are not constant members of the band. We also play gigs on our own (just the two of us). And this situation is not funny (haha)... :-) About our music: We are trying to make easy listening and catchy songs with positive energy (and we hope that our songs are like that). We want our songs to be melodic and to sound like they are easy to make but there is hard work behind any of them. Conditions that we have are not profesional (which can be heard when you listen to the songs). Partly we are glad for that because we want idea of a song to be heard and not just rich production which can't save bad song...And after all, we (the two of us) are musicians and not a producers... If anyone is interested in translation of the lyrics just let us know and we will put it on in English. We hope you like idea that is behind our music and we wish you all the well.

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