The Last Aurora

The Last Aurora

The Last Aurora

Classical, Metal, Gothic
From: Singapore, Singapore

About Band

The Last Aurora is a Singapore instrumental[1] rock band, formed in 2007 in .. The Last Aurora is considered one of the bands responsible for the highlight of the symphonic metal genre in .


In June 2008, Sarah Cheung Zi Ling was revealed as Chen Yun’s replacement,[4] and in 2009, the band will release a new album The Truth Before The Dawn.[2] However, the band again decided that Sarah Cheung was not suitable for the band, and Chen Yun was once again returned to the band. The band is currently in hiatus, to support the exams of the band members.



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Instrumental Rock, Classic, Symphonic metal


Years active








Associated acts


Nightwish, Visions Of Atlantis, Evanescence, Legenda Aurea






Shen Le (Vocals, Piano 2007 - Present)
Felicia Lau Yoke Peng (Vocals 2007 - Present)
Chen Yun (Vocals 2007 - Present)


Former member


Sarah Cheung Zi Ling (Vocals 2008)


Shen Le, writer of most of the band’s lyrics and musical scores, says that she gets most of the inspiration for The Last Aurora’s songs from books, experiences, and other music.[23] Books like The Navigator “The Navigator And The Watcher”, fairytales “Ever After”, No Escape “Witch Child”, Ringu “Sadako’s Threnody. “Many songs are written from the bottoms of our hearts,” Shen Le said. “We want our listeners to contemplate ideas which might not be morally wrong, such as is it alright to kill someone to save them “Lavia”, to kill somebody you love, because if you can’t have them, nobody can? “Murder For Madness”. How about killing everyone to get your beloved? “A Great And Terrible Beauty”. We also want people to forgive drug addicts “In A Darkened Room”, don’t stereotype people based on their looks “Grendel’s demise”, is it alright to die for love “Aria For Ariel”, not even to become a vampire to save you love from dying of anaemia? “1001 Nights As An Undead”.  


Musical style


The Last Aurora’s music had pop ditties “Whiteout”, rock anthems “Why Don’t You”, romantic ballads “In That Time”, hardcore metal “I Wish For A Rainy Day”, emo classics “Relinquishment”, power metal “You Are My Sin”, and epics “The Songwriter Ad The String”.


“It is hard to stereotype us. You might listen to Dawncast and dismiss us as Avril Lavigne, or label us as emo based on “Old Shadows Linger”, but the truth is, we’re always evolving.” Shen Le said. “If we feel like writing dark romantic epics, we will. I’ll even make a whole album of pop fluff if I want. It’s no trouble finding a catchy melody with poetic lyrics.”


While the music of The Last Aurora is mostly not composed by the members, the piano and synthesized parts are. “We want to thank the artists of freeplaymusic for making this awesome music available for us. What better use can there be, in writing some lyrics, and then finding the music that eerily suits it? It’s not like we’re making money out of this. I will definitely compose my own music once I finished grade 8 piano,” Shen Le said. Although the songs are centered around a female lead singer,[40] the band has also featured some male vocals (done by Chen Yun and Shen Le) on their albums ever since Old Shadows Linger. The songs also feature a lot of dialogue. “We want to make this seem like a movie score. People talking makes the audience feel more involved with the song.” Shen Le said.

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