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I am a one man band Although i am also in the process of perhaps forming a band, i sing, write Songs, and Music, play Guitar, Keyboard, percussion, little recorder, and Harmonica, and have been doing this for most of my life, My influence in Music, and songs, are anything to do with Christian songs, in most cases, i also like other none Christian songs, that are deasent, and have a meanning to life. i don't like songs that are sinful, or Criminal. My major influence in life in JESUS and some of the artist i like are Don Fransisco, Ami Grant, steave Grace, bob fits, Elvis Presley, Beatles, Bob Marley, Cat Steavence, and more, i usually like just about any deasent music, and song, that are performed right. Although i Truthfully like the female voice, i listen mostly to male artist, because i am a male, and since they have a male voice, i can learn the male voice more better, but have lernt from female performers, and singers too, and i think, they got it and can perform exselent that is a lot of them do good, expesiolly, when the females sing, it is very atractive, since i am a male, and like songs, and music.

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