The Original StyLis

The Original StyLis

The Original StyLis

Hip-Hop, Pop
From: Northridge, CA, United States

About Artist

Born Jerohn McGregor and raised in the Crenshaw District, StyLis grew up in the streets of a Los Angeles. By the age of fifteen, he had been displaced from his mother and older brother. Having already encountered the devastation of a broken family and homelessness; he found himself face to face with despair. Ultimately this downward spiral lead to his greatest sufferage... the loss of hope. As a teen, the hardships mounted and began to take a mental toll. Hustling daily to survive, StyLis sought sanctuary in expressive writing. Venting his emotions and foiling frustration, StyLis created a world of his own, a space and time in which he could regain control of his own life. With pen and paper in hand he acknowledged adversity, yet he remained positive. Self determination and self reliance are powerful tools for change, he adopted them both and set out to reshape his environment. He was motivated to change his life and was increasingly encouraged as he integrated music with his written word. With a glimmer of hope restored, StyLis created music for himself and others. Blessed with a musical ear, he taught himself to play piano at local music stores. His musical gifts landed him consistent work in recording studios where he participated in production, writing sessions and collaborations with other aspiring artists. Confidence grew within as this emerging talent gained his voice. A clear, distinctive voice displaying an eloquent authoritative style. Music with a message, a rhythm, a rhyme, a flow to engage and enlighten music lovers of all ages. Positive poetry promoting change and capturing the hearts and minds of today’s pop culture. StyLis worked hard to affect a change. He was sought after by other aspiring artists and featured on numerous projects, including the remix of Jill Scott’s “Golden.” He has penned numerous songs for record companies and artists alike. His efforts did not go unnoticed as his talents were recognized by the producers of Diamondmine Productions. These industry veterans have expanded his repertoire to include Rock to Reggae, all the while, maintaining his delivery for pop audiences everywhere. He has skillfully honed his craft through live performance featured appearances with touring acts. StyLis is currently recording his much anticipated freshman project - “With Or Without.” This expression of experiences shares great insight into the life, love and struggles of a young man. Singles entitled, “Imagination,” “Kid Again,” and “Broken Cup!” reflect the truth he has survived. “I never wanted this life, but I can’t imagine my music, without this life,” stated StyLis. Enduring a life of hardship, StyLis remains positive and ever evolving. This artist has restored hope and real musicianship is back. In a time when this industry needs a bright light, StyLis is about to shine! .lightbluetext8 {display:none;}table table table table td {width:0px;}.contactTable td, table table td.text table td,table table table table table td {width:auto;}

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