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Understated, quiet, quirky, and dark, The Pom Poms present themselves to the world without much fanfare in this remarkable debut album. Conjuring up the melancholy spirit of Nick Drake, they skillfully combine it with the folk rock stylings of Iron & Wine.

The tunes are immediately catchy, each one coming across like a quiet little pop masterpiece that sneaks up on you. Singer/songwriter Rob Kuznia allows his voice to drift in on a smoky haze, keeping it soft and almost inaudible most of the time. Even when he brings up the volume, you feel like he's holding back, creating an inward tension that's almost tangible, an air of angst that belies the quiet exterior. All this anxiety creates the perfect storm in the track See More Things, where Kuznia's vocals ride the slow downward chord progression into woefully happy pop oblivion.

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April 2008

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