The Power Of Rhymes

The Power Of Rhymes

The Power Of Rhymes

Rock, Funk, Metal
From: Trondheim, Norway

About Band

Hi, we're the Norwegian Funk-Rock band The Power of Rhymes (ThePOR for short).
We like all sorts of music, so our creative output varies in genre an type,
the only thing we care about is that the music is good.
We startet out in 04', altough the band has switched some members,
the group still has three founding-members within,
the latter two came in 07' and 08' and we haven't looked back since!
Currently our main focus is to put out our first release: Time To Play.
We've worked the shit out of that tape the last five months, and I tell ya, that baby needs to get out!
So, listen: Put on your sound system; find a site with some of our music on (this, or f.ex
Sit down, releax and put on a song, and ENJOY.
If you like it (after a approx. three listens on three songs preferable), send an E-mail to
(you can guess where this is going...) and request for the whole album,(in your prefered medium).
Or, if you are interested in us from a business standpoint, do all the aforementioned steps, but be happy to skip the last.

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