Theresa Brunette

Theresa Brunette

Theresa Brunette

Pop, Rock, Christian Rock
From: Farmington, MN, United States

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I am a single mother of a son, who just turned 25. He is wonderful, and I'm proud to be his mother. I have been musical since I was two. My first song I loved was "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles, and I remember singing to it on the radio. I still adore Paul McCartney and my goal is to meet one him one day. I have been writing my own music since I was sixteen. The first song I wrote was for a guy I dug, Jim, and named it "Jim's Song." Another song I wrote, Leave Me Now, which I have recorded in demo form, is another of my first tunes I wrote solo. I have written dozens, and one of my best can be found at my My Space and You Tube websites. My tribute to Diana is called "Beautiful Princess." my MY SPACE site the video of the song is on my main page. When I first wrote my tribute to Diana I was a music/band/choir teacher in a Carson City, Nevada elementary school. One of my fifth grade students heard me playing the piece and told me it was the most beautiful song she'd ever heard, and shared her love of Diana with me. The song made many people smile when they heard me playing it so I performed it at one of my elementary school concerts. It got rave reviews. After getting to know more about Diana and Charles personal lives, I wrote another tune about the couple. It's here on my play list: My Heart is Breaking. The song is sung as if through Diana's eyes & depicts a story of a love gone sour, and how children in the middle are the helpless who suffer the most. I have written many demos and have recorded one professionally Christian rock CD with my brother Tony, called, "Resurrected Souls." If interested in any of my music samples, feel free to write me at:


I graduated with HONORS in MUSIC at a private college in Incline Village, Nevada, Sierra Nevada College. I was honored with a one-and-only "letter of recommendation" from my professor, Dr. Bertil VonBoer. Upon graduation I was an elementary school teacher in Carson City, Nevada.

I not only love to write and perform my own music but I am also an appreciator of many singers and groups, mainly classic rock of the 1970's through 1990's: Beatles, Paul McCartney solo, Faith Hill, Elvis Presley, Karen Carpenter, Rick Springfield, Raspberries/Eric Carmen, Eagles, Third Day, Fleetwood Mac, and many more- too many to name. I loved the harmony groups of the 1970's, such as the older recordings of The Bee Gees and Bread.

I've been in many bands throughout my lifetime and I've been told I'm a very good singer, as well as front-person as I have stage presence. I have powerful vocals. I am also an actress and have performed in various plays throughout my college days. One was reviewed by actor, Lenard Nimoy of Star Trek. He told me that he thought I did a wonderful performance, typecast as a young Elvis Presley fan in "Graceland," and "Asleep OnThe Wind."

Music is and has always been my life. Just for fun I took an old song of mine, and my brother Tony's, and added my son and his best friend's electronic "Cell Phone" song to our 1992 recording of "State Your Case, copyrighted in 1997," to make a rather cute little mother-and-son compilation. (Not meant for seriousness but to show our witty personalities.)


THANKS 4 dropping BYE!  -THeresaRoseBrunette, Minnesota

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