Rock, Dance, Pop
From: Eugene, OR, United States

Band Members

  • Maddy - Singer
  • Allie - Singer and Guitarist
  • Maggie - Singer

About Band

Hey guys!  We're The Revolution Girlz, a brand new teen group.  Don't worry, we're nothing like Hannah Montana.  Anyway, here's a little about us.

Maddy: The comedic genius of our group.  Whether it's impersonating Achmed the Dead Terrorist (check out or saying things like "Mr. Wonka, your sombrero is ready" in a creepy voice, Maddy always cracks us up.  She is fourteen years old and sings in our band.

Allie: The brainiac, not that the other girls aren't smart (THEY ARE), but Allie is in advanced math and doesn't necessarily like school, but enjoys getting good grades.  She is thirteen and plays guitar and sings in our band.

Maggie: The one who always laughs.  Maggie can make anybody laugh just by's like yawning!  One person does it, then all the rest follow!  Maggie is thirteen years old and sings in our group.

Some of our favorite bands are: Superchick, the Clique Girlz, Taylor Swift, pureNRG, Savvy and Mandy, etc.  We pretty much love all kinds of music, from Techno to Rock and Roll.

We are currently looking for a record label.  Please tell us if you are interested!  We do have a YouTube channel (www. and we'll be uploading music soon!  Love you all!

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