The Rough and The Velvet

The Rough and The Velvet

The Rough and The Velvet

Alternative, Experimental, Other
From: Ravenna, Italy

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Creating music and having a band has been my dream since I was a teenager but the opportunity to start doing something has presented itself only in 2005. Unfortunately to date I still don't have a band so what I created I had to do mostly by myself, although when the songs from the first album (Synthetic Alchemy, 11 songs, released 2007) were ready they were reviewed with an arranger as I'm no musician and they needed tidying up. The little bit of experience I made then, came useful for the second album (Sounds. In Life And Death Of These Derelict Souls, 16 songs, released 2009), musically richer. I had to work against various odds a part from the economical sacrifice, as I said I'm an artist, in that I have ideas and will and enthusiasm to create things, but I'm no musician so I largely experimented to make music that would fit the melodies I had in mind. So it was pretty much an adventure and all in all I thoroughly enjoyed it. The other part of the work I loved, being rather eclectic, was making up cover art and videos. So at the end of the day, I'm 43, well over the usual age for a beginner, still I'm not missing out on any of the enthusiasm and emotion in being aware of having made a dream come true, of having brought to life, and intending to keep on doing so, something new. Creativity and art have no age and I'm happy!!!


I couldn't say I had any particular influences in making this album, it just came about like that almost by itself: Having said that my love for music covers many genres, from classical to hard rock. The first band I have loved is Duran Duran, with them I fell in love with music, then came a rather different type of sound with Joy Division, The Cure, Bauhaus, just to mention some, in the nineties there was a bit of a gap for me and I just explored different styles, mostly classical and ethnic music; in the past few years I went back to rock, mainly thanks to my son, being a teen ager he too has started listening to music. I have started discovering the old rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Rainbow, ecc. but my favourite bands at the moment are Muse, Interpol, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers. I also very much like some songs by Metallica and among my favourite artists are John Frusciante and Julian Plenti.

NEWS! Sounds. In Life And Death Of These Derelict Souls has been completely edited, remixed and mastered with the aid of a few special musicians: Vladimir, Rish, Oliver and Dan. Listen to the new tracks and enjoy.


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