The Sargonites

The Sargonites

The Sargonites

Hip-Hop, Indie
From: Bronx, NY, United States

Band Members

  • Outcome - Emcee, Entreprenuer & Political Activist
  • Morbius - Emcee, Producer, Director & Political Activist

About Band


The Truth + Hip Hop = the Sargonites!

These two extremely talented emcees took a major change of direction during the turn of the century from a musical point of view. The Sargonites, a name they chose for themselves to represent their fiery souls that descend from great kings & mighty rulers of Mesopotamia. They decided to wage an all out war against political figures, corporate moguls and global elitist due to powerful changes of American sovereignty. Outcome & Morbius (members of the group) grew up in the Bronx with a passion for making music & attempting to make a breakthrough in the industry since their early teen years. These blood related Latino brother's displayed a stronger edge over most groups & artists, expressing songs through chopped up melodramatic violins & horns, heavy rhythmic bass lines, 808 drops creating solid boom bap beats. Their lyrics over their self made production demanded attention due to their intense energetic delivery, passion & incredible timing on stage.

 Member of the group “Outcome”, apart from his musical standpoint of being a lyricist, idealist & revolutionist, he dedicates himself to the “behind the scenes” aspect of the industry .Outcome holds great pride delegating the groups administrative works such as being the chief editor and writer for the duo's website, as well as keeping track of music publishing's, site management, marketing, public relations and musical legalities. While Morbius, the other dedicated member, is a lyricist, producer & an alpha revolutionist. Also contributes “behind the scenes” by establishing headlining shows, heavy online strategic marketing, international and domestic networking, musical production & song/album arrangements. But, Morbius is mostly well recognized for his driving force when it comes down to his ever evolving talents, extending it into video production. Aside from being a sought after director, he perfected the skills of video editing, interior and exterior filming, light editing and even suggestive scripted storylines.

 In May of 2009, they independently released their first album “The Sons of Da Suns” with self produced videos that quickly gave them recognition to be featured on the 7th Annual “Stop Playing Atlanta Tour” and on the 2010 “Black August Event”. They also shared the stage with well noted emcees like Hakim Green from” Channel Live”, El Da Sensei from “Artifacts”, Immortal Technique, Hasan Salaam, Godhead the General, The Welfare Poets, Marco Polo, Poison Pen, Rebel Diaz, Ne Ne Ali and many more! They also featured on songs and  mix tape collaborations with son of Saturn, Block McCloud, Verbal Kent, Rosco plus many more . They achieved to distribute over 26,000 samplers to Sargonites fans, receiving national and international attention due to online radio play and artists compilations.

 The Sargonites became the unique voices of the city street life turned global revolutionist, now being heard through the ears of awakened listeners worldwide. What inspires The Sargonites to do what they do, and say what they? I’ll tell you what it’s not; it’s no longer looking for that major mainstream break, nor is it to be around famous celebrities in private societies. The Sargonites feel it’s important for people to use their platform to convey positive messages as frequent & whenever possible. This time around they chose to become more politically involved even off stage, because when the truth is given in its truest form, being raw & uncut! Only one of two things happen by allowing it to affect you– either it can brutally hurt you and bring you down, or it can inspire you and provide hope. The Sargonites, like our 1978 pioneers make songs to inform and guide the masses, in hope for people to realize that we can still salvage our “Freedom” through “The Message”.


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