The Scottish Enlightenment

The Scottish Enlightenment

The Scottish Enlightenment

Indie, Alternative, Progressive
From: Aberdeen/Fife, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Moyes - Stuff
  • Morrison - Things
  • Alexander - This
  • Moyes II - That

About Band

The Scottish Enlightenment lived at the other end of the common room, where Pavement and Radiohead hung out. There they wrangled with the Cranberries, insisting that in fact if everyone else is doing it, why should we? We shouldn't, they asserted, and set about trying to find something different to do.

In 2005 they found someone else trying to do something different, a siamese twin called Moojuice Records, and cut a record or two. In April 2007 one of those records - a single called "Eyes" - fell onto the sumptuous lap of Phil Jupitus, and he saw fit to play it on his BBC 6 radio show, cleverly juxtaposing its genius with the pale, sodden driftwood of The Manic Street Preachers' disappointing offering, and thus sending The Scottish Enlightenment's unique transatlantic take on rattling guitar riffs into pleasing relief.  

MTV2 never likes to be left behind, and quickly jumped on the video (directed by Fife Auteur Greg Bell), spraying it liberally accross Europe. An israeli visionary called Numse saw it and inaugurated the Middle Eastern faction of The Scottish Enlightenment fan club. Travelling evangelist of joy Dan Harman took the message on to the American roads. Edinburgh bible of buzz The List bestowed five stars on the "menace of Joy Division and the slacker indie cool of Pavement" portrayed in the band's live shows. The Glasgow Herald applauded their "ramshackle indie clatter". The Gaels wanted The Scottish Enlightenment on their telly but Lewis was a ferry too far.

Onwards! And lo, is that a single or two on the horizon....?

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