The Shackletons

The Shackletons

The Shackletons

Indie, Punk, Ska
From: Tipp/Kerry/Clare, Ireland

Band Members

  • Mark O Conner - Rythm Guitar
  • Jack O Sullivan - Vocals / Acoustic guitar
  • Alex Hamburger - Precussion
  • Brian Rodgers - Lead Guitar
  • Daithi O Dronai - Bass/Fiddle

About Band

The Shackletons are a band situated in Cashel, Co Tipperary.With all members of the band in their final year in Rockwell College, when not 'working hard' they are nearly always playing music in their infamous band room, known for great music and general rock attitude.

4 out of the 5 members where in a band known as a The Dukes last year, which gained a fair degree of success, but were split up due to artistic differences by the end of the year. The Shackletons is more or less a continuation of that band, however many new influences have been put into their new music.

One of The Shackletons main traits is their ability to put huge amounts of energy into thier music, they are well noted for 'Playing From The Heart'.

Jack O Sullivan (Jacques): Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar.

Possesing excellent song-writing skills and a unique, clear  voice, Jack is a one in a million singer. he as developed an amazing lyric writing skill, and any thing he writes has a poetic feel to it. Topped off with an afro, good sense of humour and a kick ass stage presence, what more could you ask for in a singer?

Mark O Conner (Mark): Rythm Guitar

A natural, real life Kerry man, Mark may at first appear quiet, but after a while you begin to realise how much of a mad man he really is. Being heavily influenced by the libertines, babyshambles and raggae, he has developed a unique playing style and has  excellent riff making abilities. Probably the most rock star out of the whole of the band, he is constantly looking for new thrills and laughs, never a dull moment with Mark O Conner. He has told me to mention that he is 'A one track lover, down a two way lane.'


Brian Rodgers(Rodgers): Lead Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

A well experienced guitar player, Rodgers has been helping the band move its way through difficulties musically since the beginning. The only one with a full Knowledge of music and music theory, he is an invaluable source in writing and playing music. Always possesing a beautiful sound and pin point acuracy while playing, he is always on top of his form and never fails to impress. the first to organize the band, he can be credited as the founding member of 'The Shackletons'


Daithi O Dronai (Droney): Bass/Fiddle

The new kid in school, Droney joined the band in the first few months and hasnt looked back since. in the past two years he has improved significantly in playing his instruments, and is constantly being inspired by the musicians around him. Probably not the most quick witted in the band, he has had to learn alot very quickly, but is just about getting a foot hold. He is, after all,  "only a bassist". with experimentation, he has tried to put a traditional irish feel into the music, just to shake things up a bit, by playing irish traditional fiddle in some of the tracks. it seems to be working pretty good, only time will tell.


Alex Hamburger (Hamburger)

The newest addition to the band, Alex is an exceptional drummer with the ability to create atmosphere in every song. a perfect addition for putting energy into the music, songs are not the same without him playing. a bit of a mysterious character, the band does does not see him as much as they would like, but whenever he does turn up, the fuckin party begins.

Thats all for now, if you like the music tell us, we like the feed back!

recordings coming soon!!

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