The Sproutts

The Sproutts

The Sproutts

Indie, Pop, Alternative
From: Wellington, New Zealand

Band Members

  • Chris Howard - Singing, guitar, bits and pieces
  • Thomas Liggett - Singing, organ, violin
  • Caleb McCullough - Drums, percussion
  • Vorn Colgan - Singing, organ, mandolin, theremin, bass
  • Charlotte Oyston - Singing, organ, violin

About Band

The Sproutts are an indie-band from Wellington, New Zealand. The Sproutts are famous for their infectious 1960s-style melodies and harmonies. "Plutons", the brand new album from the Sproutts, is out now. Plutons is what people in the 1960s thought music would sound like in the future. It is rich in old fashioned Beatles-esque melodies and harmonies, but wih arrangements featuring synthesizers, omnichords, theremin and electric violins, all bouncing on top of a surf-rocking rhythm section of guitar and drums. Plutons features 13 infectious tunes and is sure to be favourite for 2007. “Plutons” was the name initially proposed for the small planet-like objects recently discovered at the end of the solar system. The discovery of these objects forced astronomers to redefine what is a ‘planet’, and question whether tradional planets such as Pluto were worthy of that status. The Sproutts’ songs bear many similarities to these controversial objects- they are small, exciting, adorable, and unpredictable (Plutons have abnormal orbits).

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