the spyral

the spyral

the spyral

Electronica, Indie, Rock
From: naples, Italy

Band Members

  • Mattia Santangelo - drums
  • Riccardo Ievoli - bass guitar , back vocals
  • Ciro Di dato - keybords, shynt and samples, back vocals
  • Davide Liccione - guitar, lead vocals

About Band

The Spyral is an Italian Electropunk Indie Rock Band, born in june 2005 with the leader,composer,keyboardist Ciro Di Dato,also known as Nucleartitan.
Originally nothing more than one of the many cover bands in the sterile neapolitan scene, throughout a year of formation changes, hard work and intense gigging it developed a unique style, universally appreciated by the local musical underground which recognized "Speckled", then "Spiral" and finally "The Spyral" as something different, never heard before in Naples, nor Italy.

Realizing some potential,Ciro started to turn all his ideas into real songs, with the help of his trusted Korg Triton LE, and soon squared the circle by putting on the definitive formation for his band,finding the second member,the guitarist Davide,also known as Dave Navarro.
The Spyral ,formed by other members as Enrico Buono to the bass,Roberta Russo at lead vocals and Andy De Fazio at drums,in september 2006 record their first ep,called Mind The Gap,released on september 25th 2006,but in january 2007 Enrico left the band for artistic differences,so the band continue to do live gigs meeting the new bassist Riccardo Ievoli,which shares with the band the same passion.
The band continue to do their live performances and record other stuff which includes songs as Get Me High,Turn On/Turn Off,until the summer 2007,when the situation changes radically and the vocalist Roberta Russo and the drummer Andy De Fazio left the band.So the rimanent members Ciro,Davide and Riccardo decide to work harder on their stuff and they find a new member,which isn't yet an official member,Mattia Santangelo,also known as Tarallo,the live drummer of the band.
Actually The Spyral are working hardly searching new live shows to do,new shit to record and someone who can hear and produce their stuff and give them a label.
Credits:"MIND THE GAP EP" was recorded in Orange Bug Studio and it includes the 4 tracks:Universal Point,Rebel,Mind The Gap,Shot Sensation. All tracks written and engineered by Ciro Di Dato,except for Mind the gap,written by Ciro Di Dato and Enrico Buono and Pyromaniac written by Ciro Di Dato and Davide Liccione.
We don't care anyway, so ... Check it out.

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