The Wheat Beans

The Wheat Beans

The Wheat Beans

Other, Soul, Psychedelic
From: Poole, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Hudson - Bass
  • Cheung - Guitar
  • Sam - Drums

About Band

In the beginning there was a great lord called George Clinton, and he was the greatest funkiest man ever to grace the earth. And he did teach funk and share it with the world! This man was a true legend creating waves of funk musicians throughout the world. He brought peace to musicians! There was no bitching about whos guitar had more strings. or how stupid the drummer was. The world was at peace. Unfortunately the purity of the funk has been diluted down through many years of expression. This left the world only one hope.

In southern Britain a mismatched group of teenagers awoke to find shiny new instruments in their rooms. The spirit of George Clinton did descend upon each of them and instructed them on how to play their chosen instruments in the funkiest most bitching way possible. Unto Cheung the spirit did pass the power of the funk chords, that he may provide melodic harmony to the masses. Unto Lewis the spirit passed the power of the slap and the power of pop, in the hope that he would provide riffs that would shake the world with his ghost notes. And unto Sam the spirit did pass the power of funk drumming, that he may keep the world in time and prolong the last note of every song until he is pleased with his fill. the spirit also passed the power of ultimate funk singing to another, unfortunately the 3 could not find him so they let Lewis sing. The spirit joined them and decreed go now wheat beans and bring back the purity of funk to the world. Let none stand in your way And thus the wheat beans are working their way to bring back the funk!

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