This Just In

This Just In

This Just In

Rock, Punk, Pop
From: Corvallis, United States Minor Outlying Islands

Band Members

  • DJ Eickhoff - Vocals/Guitar
  • Brad Barnette - Vocals/Bass
  • Mark Dilson - Drums/Percussion

About Band

This Just In formed in the wake of another high school band by long time friends DJ Eickhoff, Mark Dilson, and Brad Barnette. They have been playing together since the beginning of 2005 as This Just In. Despite having line-up troubles for the first year of being together, they have managed, in their second year to record a 4 song demo (Caffeine, Condoms, and the Holy Bible: May 2006) which has been available in two layouts, and play numerous shows all around Oregon. They made their first and only (so far) run of T-shirts by themselves in the summer of 2006 using their schools silk screen machine. They turned out exceptionally well. As things go now, they are constantly working on writing new material and have a nice roster of songs to show for. They will try to draw you in as a fan with their funny, likable behaviors, sexy drummer, and fun, energetic shows. Every show will be the greatest they've ever played and every person will is treated as their biggest fan.

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