This Seasons Promise

This Seasons Promise

This Seasons Promise

Rock, Indie, Punk
From: Birmingham, Virgin Islands, British

Band Members

  • Tiny - Bassist/Lead Vocal
  • Danny - Lead Guitar/Vocal
  • Tim - Rhythm Guitar
  • Wayne - Drums

About Band

First of all thanks alot for coming and checking out our page. So thank you, we need all the support we can get!! Abit about us: We are just four guys dedicated to making music that we love and that most of all we want everybody to like it as much as we do.
If anybody asks one of us what genre or style our music, its almost guarenteed that the response they will get is; "I dunno really, i'd just call it rock."
The reson for this is that, that is exactly what we are, we're not 'Emo or Metal, or anything with 'core' at the end of it, we're just rock.

As a band we want to progress as far as possible, in as little time as possible, just so as many people as possible can hear and appreciate our music.

We have no delusions of an easy ride to the top, but one thing is for sure..... we as Head First will never stop being dedicated to our music, and the people who really do support us.

Thank you to anyone who takes an interest in us, it is much appreciated.

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