Thunder Cove

Thunder Cove

Thunder Cove

From: Kensington, PE, Canada

Band Members

  • Pierce Clarke - Bass / Lead Vocals
  • Brett Huestis - Guitar
  • Jacob Howard - Guitar / Vocals
  • Jordan Snively - Drums

About Band

                                HISTORY OF THUNDER COVE

It was 2004, a young boy was laying in his bed.  Dreaming of what it would be like to become a rockstar.  So the young boy decided that he would like to learn guitar, and sure enough, he bought a Fender Squire.  Coming off of 7 years of piano lessons, he found guitar pretty easy.  The dream was born

The next day, the boy, Brett, and Jordan discussed Brett's dream over some juiceboxes at recess.  They soon discovered that they shared the same dream, and after inviting their friend, Nic, "Supernatural" was born.

Now in Grade 6, their last year in elementary school.  The boys wrote a song for their science project, "Boulivard of Broken Worms."  It was Greenday's "Boulivard of Broken Dreams," except with different words.  The song recieved great reviews!  an A+ from the teacher, and great compliments from the kids at school.  SuperNatural has played their first show.  With this confidence, SuperNatural decided to enter the Grade 6 Idol competition.  They played their faithful, "Boulivard of Broken Dreams," and felt pretty damn good about it.   But sadly they were eliminated.  With their hopes demolished by 3 judges, the boys quit practicing.. until junior high

The boys now found themselves in junior high, grade seven immersed them in a whole new level of bands to live up to.  Their idols in high school were playing gigs around town and it inspired them to start practicing again.  But as Brett and Jordan improved musically Nic fell away from the picture.  And a bass player named Mathew joined the band.  With their new member, the band felt more confident then ever, and opened up for Mathew's older Brother's band at a concert.  They didn't sound good, but most people clapped just because they were so young!  After the gig, Brett decided that they needed another guitar player, so they invited long-time friend, Jacob to play guitar.  They also invited their other friend Pierce to be band manager.

The boys then moved on to grade eight, caught in the middle of junior high.  Tension between Mathew and Jordan eventually drove Mathew to quit the band.  Now the search for a bass player was on.  The band didn't have to look to far, because Pierce quickly volunteered to play bass.  Borrowing Brett's sister's "slammer" bass, Pierce quickly caught on, and became the fourth member of the band.  Soon after, the band realized that Pierce was a MUCH better singer than Brett.  So Pierce made the transition from band manager to Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar!  Now the band was whole, Pierce: Vocals/Bass, Brett: Guitar, Jacob: Guitar, Jordan: Drums.  At this point, the band decided that what they sounded like in front of people actually mattered!  So they took one year off of playing in front of people and practiced hard.

The boys then moved into grade 9, leaders of junior high.  The band had been practicing as much as they could, and christmas was coming up fast.  This meant that the christmas concert was coming up too.  The band decided that it was time to play their first show in a year, so they auditioned with "Knocking on Heavens Door" and played a cross between the Bob Dylan and Gun N Roses versions.  The name, "SuperNatural," left when Mathew did, so when the band was asked what their name was, Pierce said on spot, "Metlish."  This was the bands first gig on a stage, and they played very well.  Everyone in the crowd was pleasantly surprised by the band's talent.

Once christmas arrived, The band recieved all kinds of new equipment.  Brett got a Gibson Premium Plus Les Paul, Pierce bought Brett's Bass, and the legacy of "Pearl" began.  Jordan got Double Kickers and a few cymbals, and Jacob got some pedals.  This called for a jam, and at the jam Jacob shared a breakthrough riff, that the band thought was simple, and catchy.  That day, Runaway Girl was created.  Runaway girl was the bands first song, and they loved it.  They found themselves one step closer to the dream

Still excited from the great success from their christmas concert, the boys practiced hard, but couldn't seem to find any more places to play.  Until the Green & White revue came along, the Green & White revue was the single most thought about production of the whole year, and it was the opportunity for preformers from KISH to get the chance to play on the big stage.  The boys wanted to play in the show very badly, so they learned "Rock you Like a Hurricane" by the scorpions.  The show was incredible and most people had great things to say about it.  This was their first big stage gig, and they loved every minute of it. The band was now known as "Brett, Jacob, Jordan & Pierce."  The boys thought this was unacceptable and thought hard about a name.  They eventually decided that they would name themselves after their favorite beach, "Thunder Cove".  (This show is on youtube, type: Green & White Review - Rock you Like a Hurricane)                                                                       

Now the band was becoming "the" band at school, they were more popular than the bands 3 grades above them.  With all this confidence, they wanted to move on to the next show.  Which was the KISH coffee house, a show put on by the school.  This show gathered bands in KISH and bands that had graduated all together for one night of music.  This was a milestone in the bands future because it was their first gig where they played more than one song.  Their setlist was:  "Jenny (867-5309), Rock you Like a Hurricane, Knocking on Heavens Door, and Runaway Girl."

The next gig was the Relay for Life, the band played at 12:00am and they enjoyed it.  They weren't very impressive on this stage, because people all over from all ages were playing that night.  But the band represented KISH and was proud to do so.

With the school year ending, so was their opportunity for gigs.  So the boys found themselves in a stand-still, until Jordan called Brett with great news!  It turned out that a lady from Spinnakers Landing was looking for a young band to play on friday nights, and she came across their video on youtube.  The band had their first gig outside of school!  This was big news!  The only problem, is that they needed 2 hours of songs, and they only had 45 minutes!  So the band dedicated their month of June to practicing for their Spinnakers Landing show, eager to see how a crowd not knowing them would think.  The boys delivered a solid preformance, or so says most people wo were their, and continued on to play their 3 more times that summer.

Midway through July, the band decided that they needed to improve more, as a band.  So they attended the Music Rocks Academy "rock camp" clinic.  They didn't learn very much about their instruments, but they learned fundemental things like:  Writing Songs, Stage Presence, Promoting yourselves.  During the seven day clinic, the band wrote three songs:  Honest Believer, Guardian Angel & Thunder Cove.  At the end of the week, all of the bands attending played at the jubilee theatre.  Thunder Cove headlined the show, playing last of all the bands.  This show was a huge milestone, because it was their first gig, where they played all of their own music.  They recieved numerous compliments, and were happy with the week.

Near the end of the summer, in August, the band played a show at the Kensington sidewalk sale.  This show was kool because it was the first time that the band didn't make money from whatever people put in the box, but a predetermined amount.  The other cool part about this show was that they shut down power to an entire block of town just so they could plug their sound gear in!

With the school year creeping in, and summer leaving Thunder Cove for another year.  The band practiced more than ever, but couldn't seem to find shows to play.  However, they heard on the radio about a Song writing competition, so the band recorded 4 live songs in Brett's basement, copied them onto a C-D and sent them into the radio station with fingers crossed.  Sadly, the band didn't become instantly famous, like they had hoped would happen.  They actually, weren't even mentioned.  This made the band rethink where they stood on a national view point, sure they were good around PEI, but how did they fair against the rest of Canada?  This drove them to practice even harder. (The 4 recordings are very bad quality, Pierce's voice is messed up and the guitars are really.. gross.. but if you want to listen to them anway, then got to our myspace.)

Christmas was coming once again, and that meant so was the Christmas concert.  Wanting to show the school community how much the band had improved, They played "Little Bones" by the Tragically hip, and "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top.  This show was a great sucess, Thunder Cove had now a fan base, and people were no longer shocked, but excited to see what Thunder Cove would do this time.

Shortly after Christmas, Jacob's uncle had a birthday party at the Kensington Club, and wanted a band to play.  So Thunder Cove gladly agreed to play, this as their first bar gig, and it went great!  People danced for every song.  And the guys felt like they were following the list of things you have to do to become a rockstar quite well.  This bar gig lead to another dancing party.  A man who was at the bar, was having a surprise birthday for his wife, and wanted a band to play!  So, they asked Thunder Cove, and Thunder Cove gladly accepted the invitation.  After these two bar gigs, Thunder Cove found themselves closer to the dream.

The next show was the Green & White Revue 09, and the band was ready.  The only problem was, "what are we going to play!?"  So, when Brett and Pierce were asked this, they said "Thunder Cove!" and "While my Guitar Gently Weeps!"  This.. was not nessessarily agreed upon by the whole band, Jordan and Jacob didn't want to play While my guitar gently weeps, but they got over it.  and the band did great! They also headlined the whole show!  Being the very last act.  This was great, and made them very happy that the writers of the show thought Thunder Cove would be the big ending.   {This is on youtube, just go to the channel and search: Thunder Cove - While my Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles) }

The next show that the band played was the Relay for Life 09,  They played from 2:00am to 4:00am, and were so tired that they could barely function, however the music sounds GREAT and you can find almost the entire show on youtube.

The band didn't do much after that, being the end of the school year and all.  Until one afternoon, Pierce revieved an e-mail from Spinnakers Landing, wondering if the band would be able to play for 2 hours on Canada Day.  The band Gladly accepted!  and loved playing for their nations birthday!

At this point, the band decided that being a cover band was great and all, but were they really achieving the dream?  The answer was no, and that they were going to go big, or stay the hell home.  The time to write their own music and become a respected band as their own, and covers. Had begun.

So that's our story, but our story is still being written, and it always will be.  Watch for Thunder Cove in the future, we're going to be big.


We are four best friends, and that is the most important factor in the success of our band.  Friendship is key, and we have tons of it.  When we're not "Creating Musical Fusion" we are watching movies, going to parties or out on Jacob's boat. 

Currently, the band is trying very hard to write as many songs as possible and put them on a CD with GOOD quality,  Until then we'll try to keep the online community posted with videos as oppose to recorded songs.  The dream is more alive than ever, and Thunder Cove is willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the top!



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