Tilen Hrovatic

Tilen Hrovatic

Tilen Hrovatic

Acoustic, Folk, Experimental
From: Novo mesto, Slovenia

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Tilen Hrovatič a.k.a. BobTiln (born on February 28, 1989 in Novo mesto, Slovenia) is a slovenian musician, poet and artist.

He began his musical journey as a singer in the school choir and later with attending a music school, where he completed his basic education in piano and saxophone. Later he started playing the guitar, harmonica and drums.Tilen worked with many bands over a longer period of. In 2006 he founded a band called Camelot, with which he recorded a demo album and started his concert mileage.
After many failed attempts with bands and different formations which have been severed because different goals and views about music he started his solo career as a singer-songwriter.
After a short time in studio he released a demo album and started to perform live as a singer-songwriter.

His first solo debut album was released in September 2009 in cooperation with the Slovenian alternative label Eat this production. Under the umbrella and mentorship by renowned Slovenian musician Jaka Berger - BRGS.

Music of Tilen Hrovatic is influenced by many things. Musical influences come mostly from folk and acoustic music, authors such as Bob Dylan, Tomaz Pengov, Neil Young and Tommy Emmanuel. But there also draws from the musical giants of other styles of music and his two favourite bands - Pink Floyd and King Crimson.
In addition to the effects of music on the life and music of Tilen Hrovatic strongly influenced by factors and the state of today's society and the world. Dark side of human mind, poverty and suffering are the biggest influences for his protest , slightly dark lyrics and music. Nature, sky, sun, love and beauty of forgotten times and nostalgia contribute to his ballads, mostly guitar songs with sad and nostalgic sound and sad texts.
But for most of the lyrics, such protests as the autobiographical ballad, the greatest inspiration is definitely life itself.

B eside music, Tilen Hrovatic is also active in other areas of art.  Before a musician, he is a poet and writes short stories as well. He is also involved with film, theater and photography. He's currently working on his first poetry collection and preparing a project entitled "The last day of a poet", where he'll combine several arts together. Project completion is scheduled in 2010.

In addition to art, Tilen Hrovatic also acts as a activist and supporter of positive changes and liberation. He is a member of Amnesty International, PETA and other humanitarian organizations. He is also active in the movement against racial intolerance and religious slavery.
The major part of his musical ambitions is a transmission message, which would encourage people to reflect and change.

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Website: bobtiln.weebly.com

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