Todd Richards

Todd Richards

Todd Richards

Rock, Alternative
From: Everett, WA, United States

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Hi, My name is Todd Richards and I LOVE music!  I started playing music at the ripe old age of 5. The first instruments I learned to play was the Piano. My parents use to take me over to my grandmas house, when I was 5, and she use to set me on her lap, and she would show me the notes on the Piano. Eventually, I took lessons and learned even more from there..At age 7, I tried the drums, but my drum teacher was a real dick, so I quit the drums. When I was 8, I would go over to my cousins house in Edmonds, Wa. They were the Brides. My cousin Bobbie, played the guitar and that really got me interested in playing. That guy was brilliant on the guitar. Anyways, he showed me a few songs, and yes, Iron man was one of the first songs I learned from him.(RIP BOBBIE BRIDE!!!!)   I eventually took lessons years later, off and on for about three years at the old Cascade Music store in Everett, Wa. My guitar teacher sometimes got pissed off at me, but I deserved it, I was partying alot by then and he felt I was wasting my talent by partying so much. I eventually bucked up and studied, alot..Well, in the early 90s I finally got into the studio, with an unknown singer at the time, whos name I won't mention, cause he had the flu when he sang on those songs..He still sounded great. He went on to sing for a band who got signed with a Major label, toured with Monster Magnet, Godsmack, opened up for Sammy Haggar for his liquor, toured all over the place and he wound up with a top ten hit in Rolling Stone magazine..I'm telling ya, some amazing musians grew up in Lake Stevens, Wa..I graduated in 88 from there..After playing guitar in different bands till about 94, my dad passed away from lung cancer. So I kinda lost it for awhile, and I stopped playing, period..So I drank alot to cope with losing my dad.  I finally mellowed out, got my CDL, drove truck for quite awhile, and a few years ago I started writing songs again, thanks to mom..Now, I got a #1 song at called, "Deep Inside"...So, here I am, ready for more..I wasted alot of time, but it's never to late to try again......Todd

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