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I remember growing up, I had always been interested in music, but it wasn't until the age of about nine or ten that the interest became a true love and inspiration in my life. Even back at that age it was one extreme or another, listening to everything from Guns n Roses to Slick Rick, but the exposure to such a wide spectrum of music took its effect and reflected its self in my first group called Def Bass. Def Bass was more of a Beastie Boys, nursery rhyme funk band that grew into a Heavy live rock band by the age of 14.

It was May 25 1992, and I had just got like 70 bucks for my birthday so I decided to go down to the pawn shop and get my first guitar. It was an old used Dixon acoustic that had some bad frets, but it played. It was there that I didn't realize, but my life was about to change. The guitar became more of an obsession than a hobby, almost unhealthy at points, but the dedication and love for the music drove me to a lot of great coincidences I would have never, had I not pursued it so intensely.

1992: Began playing guitar
1992/95: Was in a number of different bands, including Def Bass, Zollvereign, and Death by diarrhea
1995: Joined Days of the new
1996: Signed to Outpost records, recorded debut album
1997: Released debut album, began touring
1998: Days split up
1999: Formed Carbon 14 with Hugo Ferreira
2000: Signed with Maverick records, recorded first album, changed name to Tantric.

My Setup:
PRS Guitars
Takamine Guitars
Line 6
Dean Markley Guitar Strings
In Tune Custom Guitar Picks

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