Tom Toman

Tom Toman

Tom Toman

Pop, House, Dance
From: Brezje, Slovenia

About Artist

Music has been his companion since his childhood when his parents who recognized the obvious signs of his talent enrolled him into music school. His wish was to play the piano (there were no synthesizers in those times), and after convincing words of his music teacher he really ended up playing on black and white keys, but these were attached to – an accordion. What actually convinced him? The fact that the accordion was easier to carry around than the piano. For the next 6 years of his music education, his body and his fingers were trying to beat the burden and resistance of playing marches and other classical music which never sounded very close to him on this instrument, so his thoughts stayed with the piano keys. He was a member of the accordion orchestra when he played the accordion in music school and a year or two after finishing it. However, he finally decided to stop playing the accordion after having bought his first keyboard Korg Poly 800. Soon his ‘one-man band’ could start touring, playing music at some local events, but his modern collection of music soon turned out not to be very suitable for this kind of events. He decided to join a local band as a keyboard player. After some more or less successful attempts of playing some well-known hits he realized writing and creating his own music is what he really wants to do. After a long break because of his family and business duties he is coming back, full of energy, will and his own music, which has been waiting in the depths of his restless musical ocean all this time. The waves are getting bigger and bigger and are coming closer and closer to the coast day by day…

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