Tom Walker

Tom Walker

Tom Walker

Metal, Rock
From: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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It all started with an unconventional love song written in September 2006 by the name of Another Ode. Following on its tail were other early songs such as The End, Reflections on Humanity and Downhill Flight. As time went by these songs evolved and by late 2007 it had been decided that the now much-changed Downhill Flight would become a promotional single for a small, self-released album. Song writing began.

 Downhill Flight was made available on January 16th 2008. With two B-sides by the names of Love is a Killing Thing and Light Rapid Transit, Downhill Flight offered a small blend of rock song, gentle love song and an instrumental. Meanwhile, as Downhill Flight began to distribute itself among a small group of people, frantic song writing and recording continued.

 Another Ode became available on March 25th 2008. The ten tracks on the CD included From Below to Above, a song about uphill struggle, Downhill Flight, the gentle, reflective A Million Miles of Inches, the unrequited love song When the Heart Crumbles and the more optimistic Open Book Future. Another Ode paved the ways which Downhill Flight had cut, to clear the road for more, better music to follow.

 After five months of songwriting, planning and recording, the promotional single Within the Cloud of War was released online on August 8th 2008. With the title track describing the plight of a lost soldier, Within the Cloud of War sported two B-sides, a depressing love song by the name of The Feeling Will Never Die and a track driven by anger by the name of Mark My Words. Within the Cloud of War was an abrupt departure from previous releases, presenting a far deeper sound and employing a mix of unusual time signatures, guitar tunings, lyrical patterns and chord structures. A second promotional single, Storm's Coming, is being released in September 2008.

 Within the Cloud of War was released to promote the next project, a 14-track album by the name of Checkpoint. The album, now in the final stages of production, boasts over an hour of song material including an instrumental title track over seven minutes long, two tracks released as singles with a further two planned and such titles as Come Back to Me, Adrenaline, Burn in the Fires and Welcome to the Village.

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