ToxicParis - BeatSketcher, Jay Coelho, UnleashedGodXVI

ToxicParis - BeatSketcher, Jay Coelho, UnleashedGodXVI

ToxicParis - BeatSketcher, Jay Coelho, UnleashedGodXVI

Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: Western Cape, Beaufort West, South Africa

Band Members

  • BeatSketcher, Jay Coelho, UnleashedGodXVI - Hip-Hop/Rap

About Band

Luyanda "UnleashedGodXVI" Ludonga is well known as "Lux" the rapper who grow up in a small town called Beaufort west/Western Cape in South africa as well Anele "Jay Coelho" Ngondo & Nkosinathi "BeatSketcher" Mpame the best producer/Rapper in ToxicParis. They grown up in a society were there's is no job opportunities while they family were providing hard at their homes. The development & the movement of rap began when Unleashed discover he can rap while mixing the poem was writen by Jay Coelho at the time Jay was in grade 10 & Unleashed & BeatSketcher were in grade 8, they inspirational began there each can writer words that they use in order to prove they can really rap. When unleashed was study grade:8 his teacher who was teaching "Arts & Culture" wanted the students to choose which on practical they can do on text book & started to write a poem which he didn't even present it infront of the class while his friend "Andile jonie known as Golden'Aliano" introduce him to kasi music which was popular that time & I combine my poem & transformed it to rap. Together aliano & unleashed become partners of the practical I he told aliano to rap his poem & he decided to make a beat on the table of the classroom till they get 20/20 till then he found that he can write a rap song till join up with "toxic paris" the group was formed by "Manelisi Webber known as Depress" at that time it was a group of friends hanging out together & which "Anele ngondo known as Jay coelho" told us we could transformed it into a rap group & which is everyone of us could rap then it was just for fun till we made our first recording which is "my beginning, Ima do shit, you don't know what is which impact the street rappers also the youth of young community & the track was produced in static music records which the produce was stolla" till then our name well known for 1year & we decide to start a new record label which was own by Nkosinathi "BeatSketcher" Mpame "ToxicParis music records" & since then we been invited on the show of the group called "Paper Giants" also invited in the second show of Paper Giants also in Bhova Picnic Party which was own by Deep Digger, Dj bongs and many more. When the time goes BeatSketcher decide to shoot music video which was edited by luthando Gcanga is available on YouTube if you search "ToxicParis" and the song name Is "Like You Do" Fearing Scott real name is Sine Piti & Jay Coelho as "James XI at that year" Till now as we decided "toxic paris" is no longer a group name, it is record label name now... Still working on featuring many artist that can boost his name... and working on a project which will suprise people that we still rapping but don't give Up on fans we still "Toxic Paris" forever!!!

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