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I was born on september 15, 1992 in boston, MA. I have always had love for Hip-Hop. What can I say its my lyfe, I can’t live without it. If hip hop wasn’t in my life were would i be...I often feed off of influences such as lupe fiasco, lil wayne, and my cousin marus...I hope that 1 day i can compare myself to these artists. I just want to make it to the big screen where i have millions of adoring fans screaming out my name...sold out shows...I’m a hardworking man...who is ready to catch everything you throw at me...just like im ready to rip every beat my man u can throw at can I say? I make hits. iF i told you that i didn’t want to take over the game i would be a liar. Its my dream to take over. i always try my hardest to be positive even in the toughest times ... o yea and where would i be without my haters lol...i love em to death, because hey, there my inspiration. Its the haters and the doubters that keep me going day after day. Naw I’m not scared to spit it. I don’t kno if i would call myself talented, its just what i do. I’m somtimes concieted like all the other artists. Thats just my appreciatin for god creation. I’m just a artist whose willing to do anything to get to the top. I always wondered what it felt like to be on the top of the game., but I won’t have to wonder for long...because I just have a feeling that Im on my way to the top...and ima keep it going non stop.

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